Bullet Journal Inspired Free Printables

Bullet Journal Inspired Free Printables from Mom Envy. House projects bullet journal printable and a free task sheet printable. Available in A5 size, Standard letter size, and Happy Planners.

Have you ever looked on Instagram or Pinterest at Bullet Journals? I could spend hours on Pinterest drooling over pin-worthy layouts and designs. Before I found my planner peace with The Happy Planner, I attempted Bullet Journaling. Now, why in the world did I ever think I would be able to BuJo with very little artistic ability or with the handwriting of a five-year-old. Soon after I started my bullet journal journey, I learned that we would never build a strong enough relationship to keep up with each other. So sadly, I had to part ways.

When I found the Happy Planner, I knew I had found my planner. With the help of sticker packs from Mambi, ETSY stores, and through creating my own, I could have a pretty planner without having to draw a thing.  Despite my love for my Happy Planner, I still miss the concept of the BuJo tracking spreads that people create. So I decided to start to make my own pages for my planner so that I could have the best of both worlds.

Today I am sharing with you two different bullet journal inspired free printables. The first one is a super simple task printable. You can use this for a number of tracker-style subjects. I like to use it for: house chores, house projects, maintenance tracker, bills, shopping lists, birthday present ideas, book ideas, current blogging posts, social media tracker, and more. If you have pretty handwriting I’m totally jealous, you can print, punch holes, and fill in the writing yourself. If you’re blessed with chicken scratch like me (or you prefer the typed look), you can type in your lists and then print. The second printable is one of my favorites. It’s a drawing of a house that has places to fill-in house projects. It even has either a garage or a little car and driveway. Unfortunately, this one cannot be typed into. So I apologize for my hand-writing in the example below.

Do you bullet journal? If you’re an Instagrammer, leave your handle below so that I can follow you. If you’re like me and would rather print something BuJo inspired – is there a list or tracker that you’d like to see next? I am thinking about doing a No Spend spread and maybe a birthday tracker.

The images for the car and tree were designed by Freepik.com.

Looking for another way to keep track of your cleaning schedule? Check out this FREE printable cleaning schedule from my friend Sarah over at Super Savvy Sarah.

Bullet Journal Inspired Free Printables

This is an example of the Bullet Journal Spread when it is placed together. It is split in the middle so that it is two sheets. It breaks down into:

For the task chart, you can add a title at the top. In addition, you can title each of the boxes. Next, you can add text next to each task square.

The Files Available are:

  • Inserts are available in 4 sizes: Happy Planner Mini, Happy Planner Classic, Standard Page size (Happy Planner Big) and A5.
  • Files are in PDF format.
  • There are 3 available styles (two of the left side of the house).

Tips and Tricks for Printing the Planner Inserts

  • Print on cardstock for added durability. (this is my favorite from Amazon)
  • Simply download the files below, unzip, and print the files you need. Files are in four different sizes so pick the one that works with your planner.
  • Select Print Actual Size when printing. Do not print fit to page, it will print too large.
  • Print trim marks to make cutting to size easier. When you print, click on advanced. Select Marks and Bleeds. Then check off the box: Trim Marks. This will print marks that show you where to cut the page.
  • Use a paper cutter for easier cutting (or this one).
  • Select one of the two left side options (garage or car). Then also select the right side to print.
  • If you would like the pages to not be blank on the backside, you can either print something on the back of each page (like the task boxes above), or you can print a secnod sheet and glue it onto the back (depends if you feel comfortable trying to print on the reverse and the thickness of paper you use and wheter you’d see through it).
  • If you choose to glue te pages together, glue the front and back together using a strong glue or hot glue.
  • If you want to laminate the insert (to use with a dry erase marker), glue first and then laminate.

Download Instructions

  1. You must be on a computer to print the files.
  2. Click Facebook Like to unlock content. Don’t have facebook? Email me.
  3. Click on the image below (only appears Facebook Like).
  4. Unzip folder (right click the folder and unzip/extract).
  5. Print files or send somewhere to be printed!


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Bullet Journal Inspired Free Printables from Mom Envy. House projects bullet journal printable and a free task sheet printable. Available in A5 size, Standard letter size, and Happy Planners.


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