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2020 Productivity Bundle Review

I am an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles.


The Ultimate Productivity Bundle of 2020 is here and it is seriously amazing! As a bundle owner myself, I can tell you that there is so much value in this bundle. It’s incredible to think that we get this whole bundle deal for only $47 (or $57 with the cheat sheets). 

I wanted to take a moment today to show you my favorite products from the bundle!

Is the 2020 Productivity Bundle worth it?

Will I Use Everything in the Bundle?

Nope, you probably won’t. Not every product is right for every person. I’m just trying to be honest. BUT, that doesn’t mean that it’s still not worth it. You’re getting 73 products worth $2837.06 for only $47. You’re getting so much for your money for this bundle.

The products are created to meet the various types of people purchasing the bundle. Everyone will have different products that they love, some they like, and some that really don’t work for them. 

Is it True that The Mom Envy Adulting Planner is in the Bundle?

It sure is! I loved the bundle so much last year, I knew that I had to create a product special to be included in this year’s bundle (at least I had hoped it would be accepted – I was so excited when it was!) 

You can read more about my planner here –> The Adulting Planner

You can see a walkthrough of putting together my planner here –> How to Print the Adulting Planner

These are a Few of my Favorite Productivity Bundle Things

If you purchase the bundle, these are a few of my favorite items and who they are perfect for.

Are you stuck in a rut?

I dare you not to be motivated after listening to Greg Denning’s G.O.A.L. It is truly inspirational (and I am only about 45 minutes into the 3+ hour recording – I can’t wait to hear the rest). If you need some encouragement to make more out of your life, then grab some headphones and get listening. 

Are you Planner-Obsessed?

While the bundle only officially lists having 10 planners – there are really so many more planner pages available in the bundle. Many of the courses and eBooks come with workbooks or printables that are similar to planner printables. They’re perfect to add to your planner (think habit trackers, goal setting sheets, etc.) 

My favorite planners from the group are:

  • Everything You Need to Get Organized: Bullet Journal Inspired Printable Planner by Rachael Morin
  • The 2020 Shining Mom Planner by Khaye Mydette Macalinao (It’s 75 pages of amazing planner goodness!)
  • The Busy Woman’s Daily Planner© by Susie Glennan (47 pages of planner printables
  • How to Make Planner Stickers by Mim Jenkinson

Are you a Busy Mom with a Chaotic Household?

The routine and organization products are always some of my favorites from the bundle. I still have some that I am using from last years and there are many things I have in place because of last year’s bundle.

BUT, new house, new routines. The thing is you’re probably ready for a new routine, too. We may at one point have had a routine that worked well for us. BUT, our kids get older and they start to dress themselves, wipe their own butts, and even make their own lunches. This means our routines need to shift and change to meet the new needs of our family. 

  • A Simple Cleaning Routine: Have a Clean and Tidy Home in Less Than 30 Minutes a Day by Erin Tannehill
  • The 21 Minute Routine that Makes the Rest of Your Day SO Much Easier by Jami Balmet

If you think that this bundle would benefit you, you can grab it here –> The 2020 Ultimate Productivity Bundle

Video of my Favorite 2020 Productivity Bundle Favorites

In addition to the favorites, I listed above, I take a minute to show you my favorite products for the 2020 bundle.


Grab it Before It’s Gone!

You can grab it here –> The 2020 Ultimate Productivity Bundle

Think you just want The Adulting Planner? Grab it here –> The Adulting Planner