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15+ Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids - Including a FREE printable list of Kid's Day Out with YOU box ideas. Are you sick of all of the clutter? Would you like to give a unique gift that makes both the parents and kid happy? Then check out this list of gifts that aren't toys from Mom Envy.

15+ Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids – And Free Kid’s Day Out with YOU Printable

It’s that time again in your house. It’s your kid’s birthday, Christmas, or a random visit from the Grandparents. You know what’s coming. Another toy. Now, it’s not that we don’t all love and appreciate our children receiving gifts. It’s extremely generous and thoughtful when we receive any sort of gift. But, our house is …

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Fathers Day Crafts Mom Envy. Check out this round-up of 15 Father's Day handmade gifts for Dad.

15 Father’s Day Crafts

Father’s Day is fast approaching. I love trying to find a craft for my boys to make that isn’t completely made by me. I would like them to have some effort in making the gift as well. So today I have rounded up 15 Father’s Day crafts that are the perfect gifts for Father’s Day. …

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Gift ideas for two year olds. Mom Envy. Gift ideas. 2 Years Old. Two Years Old. Birthday. Gift ideas for toddlers.

Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

Finding unique gifts for little ones can be difficult. When children are younger, they don’t make a mile-long wish list for their birthday or Santa. This means you have relied on Pinterest searches and reviews to find age-appropriate gifts. Since posting my One-Year-Old Gift Ideas, it has continued to be a popular post. Today I …

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