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Goal Setting Worksheets – Updated for 2024

Goal setting worksheets can be used to keep your goals on track. Did you know that if you write down a goal, you are more likely to accomplish it?

But there is more to achieving a goal than just writing it down. When I have a new goal I want to accomplish, I find it helpful to break it down into multiple steps.

By giving yourself mini actionable steps, you are providing yourself with mini goals that are easier, and quicker to achieve. In the long run, if you complete your mini steps, you’ll complete your big goal.

So today, I have three planner printables to help you achieve your goals.

At the top it says free 2024 goal setting worksheets. Below is an image that shows one of the pages from the goal setting worksheets printables for 2023.

How Can You Use the Goal Setting Worksheets

Many people choose to use the goal planning sheets in their planners. They print them out and add them to their planner.

Other people just print them and use them on their own to plan for the year or for a new goal or project. The goal breakdown and long term goal sheets are great for a professional project.

Another way they are used are within the classroom. I have lots of teachers message me about using them with their students. Feel free to print as many copies as needed for educational purposes.

Can I use them in a Digital Planner?

Yes! I have included the PNG files with a transparent background. These can easily be placed into a digital planner program. The transparent background allows them to be placed on any planner page – no matter the background.

Prefer a white background? Use the letter size JPG files that are included. They are not transparent.

This image is of a girl looking at the free long term goal worksheet on an ipad. It's to show how the free files can be used digitally on tablets.

Updated for 2024!

These goal planning worksheets have been updated for 2024. They’re a great way to end a previous year or to start a new year.

This image shows one of the pages from the goal setting worksheets printables for 2024.

Goal Setting Worksheets

There are three different free goal setting worksheets in this set. You can use just one of them, two of them, or all of them. Use whatever worksheet you feel will work best for you.

  • 2024 Goals
  • long-term goal
  • goal breakdown

2024 Goal Planner Printable

The 2024 goal planner printable will help you select goals for the upcoming year. This includes both personal goals and professional goals. You’ll also focus on the people you will spend time with and the places you will go.

Long Term Goal Worksheet

The long-term goal worksheet will focus on one goal for the year. You’ll break it down into 3 mini-goals.

Then, you’ll come up with the first actionable steps you can to accomplish each mini-goal. Next, you’ll write about why the goal is important.

Lastly, you’ll write down what reward you will receive for accomplishing this goal. You can write down a literal, physical reward (like a shopping spree) OR you can write down a natural reward (healthier you, promotion, etc).

This image shows a printed copy of the long term goal worksheet that is available for free at the end of this blog post.

The Goal Breakdown Worksheet

The goal breakdown worksheet takes a mini-goal and focuses on how you will accomplish it. You’ll track the potential completion date, the actual date you complete it, actionable steps, why the goal is important, and what the possible barriers will be that you’ll face while attempting this goal.

This image shows a printed copy of the goal breakdown l worksheet that is available for free at the end of this blog post.

2023 Year in Review

Looking for more planner printables to start the year off right? Download this set of free 2023 year in review printables. You can get it here: 2023 Year in Review printable.

This image is showing one of the year in review printables for 2023 that you can get for free in this blog post.

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