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Sugar Oatmeal Cookie Recipe - This old fashioned and simple recipe is sure to become your new family favorite. It's my Grandma's old standby recipe that has always been a hit at holidays and family gatherings. It makes a great Christmas cookie recipe.

Sugar Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

I am so excited to share this special recipe with you today. Growing up, my Grandma was the family baker. I was lucky enough to get her baking genes (unless my family has been lying to me all these years…). When things are stressful, I find baking relaxes me. I know how crazy that sounds, but …

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Orioles Theme Nursery Tour

Before we knew the sex of our baby, my husband and I made an agreement. If we had a girl, I could decorate the nursery any way I wanted (like he had a choice). If we had a boy, he could choose the theme for the nursery (even though he didn’t understand why the nursery …

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