Pancake Sight Word Games

This is an idea from another teacher, who drew the pancakes by hand. I had planned to recreate the game in a format on the computer that others could edit to make the game meet their needs. I created a version of the game for one of my co-taught classes but it was made specifically for our county’s sight words. We used it as a reading center each week. To make this game more accessible for other teachers, I used the Dolch sight words and also provided a blank template. This is a great game for parents and day care providers, too. 
Materials Required:
  • Printed pancake sight words of your choice
  • Baggie or box to keep your pancakes together
  • Pancake turners (I suggest the dollar store for these)
That’s it! It’s one of the reasons I love this game. 
  1. 2 or more students find an open floor area in the classroom.
  2. Lay the pancakes spread out upside down on the floor.
  3. Students use the pancake turner to flip and pick up a pancake. 
  4. If they can read the sight word, they get to keep the pancake.
  5. If they can’t read the sight word, they place the pancake back on the floor upside down. 
  6. The next student repeats the process.
  7. The student with the most pancakes at the end wins the game.
Pancake Sight Word Tips for the Classroom/Home

This is a great activity for your spouse parent volunteers to help with at home. Send the blank pancake file home through e-mail or on a flash drive along with your sight word list. Have a tech savvy parent type the words into the pancake template. Then you can print the pancakes and have parent volunteers (or friends :)) help cut out the pancakes. This is another game I suggest you laminate. If you laminate them in the beginning they can be used year after year. 

To Download
Click the links
below to download the files. After the file opens, go to File, Download (or
CTRL + S).

Pancake Files