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How to Use the Inserts with Spiral or Bound Planners

For my Erin Condren, Recollections, and other Spiral/Bound Planner Users, you CAN use these inserts with your planners as well.

Some people have recently contacted me about how to use this within a spiral or bound style planner. I have found two great tutorials on how to modify inserts for spiral bounds. First, you will need:

  • a 1/8 hole punch
  • pair of scissors
  • Ruler or a sheet of paper that is from your planner. (This will work as your guide to line up your holes to punch) OR
  • Your planner (To use a guide if you don’t have a ruler/old sheet).

Then follow the directions in this youtube video around 10 minutes in. You can either punch directly into the paper (instead of on the tabs), or you can use the tabs by cutting off the small box area that’s meant for the hole punch.


Follow this method. Since the divider’s punch area doesn’t go the entire length of the page, you will have to modify this method slightly.


Simply use your planner. Place the divider in the location you’d like it to be within our planner up against the rings. Use a pencil to mark along the edge of the divider in the punch area. Draw a slash/line at each ring. Then go back and hole punch in the center of each line in slightly. Then go back to each hole punch, and cut along the line into the hole punch.