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Please contact me directly at: [email protected]

I love Giveaways! I love to provide a wonderful product to my readers. It’s the perfect way to promote your site and get new followers. I use a random choice generator like Rafflecopter and require entrants to Like your Facebook page, Favorite your shop, Follow you on Pinterest, Twitter, etc. In addition, I ask that they do the same for Mom Envy as well. I will also Pin your products on my Pinterest account. 
My only requirements include:

  • the item must be sent directly from you to the winner
  • the item must be appropriate for Mom Envy’s audience. Examples include:
    • children’s accessories and clothing
    • toys for kids
    • home decor for kids or families (including prints, decals, etc)
    • family related jewelry (stamped items, birthstone, etc)
    • adorable tote or diaper bags
    • children’s books
    • books on parenting
    • subscriptions to a related service
    • gift card
    • any other item for parents or children

I am open to reviewing any product or service that would be appropriate for Mom Envy’s readers. Currently, I have a four-year-old boy, a two-year-old boy toddler, and a dog at home. So I could review any product or services for toddlers, dogs, families, or adults.

Giveaways with the review are not required but are an added bonus because it would get you more publicity (see above).