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Sponsor the Mom Envy Club Newsletter

The Mom Envy club newsletter is sent to women who are looking to create a life they love that is full of creativity, organization, and fun. They are searching for products and services that will enrich their lives in someway – whether it will make their lives less stressful, more organized, or more fun.

The great thing about the Mom Envy reader is that they are the primary shopper in their household. This means that they are searching for products for their entire family (even things outside of my newsletter topics).

Our newsletter covers topics such as:

  • Planners and productivity
  • Crafts
  • DIY & Home Decor
  • Organization
  • Gift-giving
  • Connecting and engaging with our children and spouses
  • Creating magical, stress-free holidays
  • Entertaining family and friends
  • …and more

Get an Email Newsletter Specialized Only for Your Product!

While my typical email newsletter is filled with lots links to my own site (and affiliate links at times), if we partner, my e-mail newsletter will be specialized just for your product. I will tailor my email to focus only on your product and how it would benefit my reader.

I won’t share affiliate links or ads for any other product but yours. We can work together to guarantee the copy is one that will fit my reader and your product as well.

Who is the Mom Envy Reader?

The Mom Envy reader is your ideal shopper. They are the main buyers of their households and they shop for everyone

  • Themselves (women)
  • Spouses (men & women)
  • Friends (other women)
  • Children (babies-teens)
  • Parents & Grandparents
  • Teachers

Do Mom Envy Readers have Additional Money to Spend?

Definitely! Crafting isn’t a cheap hobby and crafters tend to have some disposable income (which is what allows them to craft).

Plus, many of our readers are what society would refer to as “Pinterest Moms.” And I mean that in a completely positive way – I myself am the ultimate “extra” Pinterest Mom.

We combine our need to be creative with our love of our children and families. We are always looking for ways to make our children and family feel special and often times that includes buying things that we think will make them happy.

What Professions are the Mom Envy Readers?

It varies. We’ve got all types of professions: stay at home Moms, work at home Moms, small business owners, teachers, nurses, lawyers, – any and all professions.

We do have a lot of people searching for work from home opportunities – jobs that provide them with the flexibility to their schedule. So work from home opportunities are often a good fit for my reader.

What Type of Products Are a Good Match for the Mom Envy Reader?

Since they are their family’s main shopper, you can advertise pretty much any and all products! The only topic that I stay away from as a blogger is politics. Products can include but are not limited to:

  • Craft & hobby supplies
  • Technology products (computers, tablets, Smart home devices, security devices, etc.)
  • Beauty & cosmetics
  • Health and wellness products
  • Clothing, shoes, accessories
  • Home Decor
  • House supplies
  • Toys
  • Gifts of all kinds (subscription boxes, gifts for others, unique gifts, etc.)
  • Services (anything that makes their life easier!)
  • Financial services (credit cards, loans, etc.)
  • Work from home opportunities
  • …and so much more!

About the Mom Envy Club Newsletter

If you think that your product or service could be a good fit for our newsletter, here are a few details:

  • 103,000+ readers
  • average 35% open rate
  • Sent two-three times a week

What Mom Envy is Looking for in a Sponsor

We are looking for a product or service that matches our audience. They are the ones that do all of the shopping for their homes and families (including all of the gift purchases – especially around holidays). There are a wide-range of products that fit my audience.

I only ever want to send content that fits my reader so know that if for some reason I deny your product, it is only because I feel that you will not get the value you deserve. It does not benefit either of us if the product is not a good fit.

Next Steps

My newsletter is part of the ConvertKit Sponsor Network, so all inquiries will be handled by the team at ConvertKit. Click below to fill out the form (or click here).