25 Winter Themed Crafts

I love this time of year because there are so many wonderful crafts and activities to do with kids out there. As a teacher, it can be find activities that are not specifically affiliated with one holiday or another. Instead, I try to find activities that are winter-themed.
Pinterest has some of the best winter craft ideas. These are the top 25 Winter-Themed crafts I found that are perfect to do at home or in school! Click on the link provided to find the original source and directions.
Sock snowmen
Popsicle Snowflake
Beaded Snowflakes
Popsicle Snowmen
Paper plate Snowmen
 Penguin Paper Craft
Cottonball Snowman
Footprint Penguins
Puzzle Piece Snowflakes
Popsicle Snowflakes
Penguin Toilet Paper Holder
Styrofoam Penguin
Popsicle Stick Sled
Mittens Craft
Cinnamon “Ornaments” (they don’t necessarily have to be ornaments so that they stay away from being Christmas-themed).
Food Crafts
Snowmen Oreo Pops and Melted Snowmen

Snowmen Cupcakes

Doughnut Snowmen
Hot Chocolate Mug
Banana Apple Snowmen
Nutter Butter Snowmen
Ginger Bread Sled (could use animal crackers, Teddy grahams, etc).
Chocolate Melted Snowmen
Snow Ice Cream