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30+ Free Teacher Appreciation Printable Cards and Tags

With over 30 free teacher appreciation printable cards and gift tags, you’re sure to find the perfect one to go with your perfect gift for your child’s teacher. The card that goes with your gift can be even more thoughtful than the gift itself. Your child (or you) can add a heartfelt note to really let the teacher know how thankful you are for all of their hard work and dedication. 

Greeting cards can get so expensive. I would rather give my teacher some additional money on their Amazon gift card than spend it on a card when I have tons of amazing options I can print at home to save some money.

You can print them on your home printer or send them to a local print shop. No matter which you choose, I just suggest printing them on white cardstock or matte photo paper for best results. If you only have regular paper, that’s fine. But the cards will be more like traditional cards if they are printed on thicker paper. 

Cards for Different Occasions Including Teacher Appreciation Week

Many of these cards work for any occasion – teacher appreciation week, the end of the school year, or a random gift for a teacher just to say thanks. Some are just for teacher appreciation week or teacher appreciation day. But with so many options, you’ll find one for the occasion you need your card for. 

Different Unique Designs for Different Types of Teachers

Not all teachers are the same. Teachers have lots of different personalities – they don’t all love flowers and books. You can find the one that fits your teacher’s style the best. 

Sometimes your child will have a teacher that is the best teacher they’ve ever had (we’ve had quite a few of those in our house). You may want to find a card as special as that special teacher. So in addition to generic and simple thank you cards, you’ll find more meaningful cards. 

When is Teacher’s Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day?

Teacher Appreciation week tends to fall during the first full week of May – it’s not always the first week of May. It has to be the first full week (Sunday-Saturday). And Teacher Appreciation Day falls on the Tuesday of the first full week.

Some schools may hold their teacher appreciation week at a different time, so make sure to double check with your school.

Now let’s get to the cards! 

30+ Free Teacher Appreciation Printable Cards and Tags

Looking for more free printables?

Mom Envy has over 300 free printables – including many options for teacher appreciation. Check out all of our free printables here. 

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