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Free Thanksgiving Writing Worksheet – Don’t Pick Me: Persuasive Writing

Since there is a hurricane coming our way, I thought I would try to get one more post in before we lose our power. Maybe we will get lucky and the power will stay on…one can only hope! I hope that everyone in the path of the hurricane stays safe!


Don’t Pick Me! Free Thanksgiving Writing Worksheet for Persuasive Writing

One of my favorite fall writing activities is a persuasive writing piece about not picking a pumpkin to use as a Jack-o-Lantern. It’s from one of my favorite second grade co-teachers. I had always thought it would also be a great idea at Thanksgiving Time. Only instead of a pumpkin, it could be written from the perspective of a turkey that doesn’t want to get picked. Included at the end of the post is a free download of the web and writing paper.


  1. Review what’s important when writing to persuade someone.
  2. Discuss as a class all the reasons why someone would not pick a turkey for thanksgiving dinner (it’s too skinny, it’s stinky (kids love that one), it has too many feathers, it’s old, it’s young, it’s wrinkly, it’s rough or tough, etc.)
  3. Give each student 1 web to brainstorm their ideas why people shouldn’t pick their turkey.
  4. Give each student 1 writing paper. Students should write to persuade people not to pick their turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
  5. Share!
Here’s what the web looks like:
Here’s what the writing paper looks like:

Free Thanksgiving persuasive writing activity. Don’t Pick Me for your Thanksgiving Turkey! Free Thanksgiving worksheets for writing. Perfect for fall sub plans. #freeworksheets #freefallworksheets #freesubplans #worksheet
To Download

Click the links
below to download the files. After the file opens, go to File, Download (or
CTRL + S).



Monday 17th of November 2014

Wow! I love this idea! Thank you for giving me inspiration!