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Home Management Bundle 2022

Are you curious about what exactly is in the Home Management Bundle 2022? With over 86 products, I know it can be a bit overwhelming.

I made a video explaining a basic overview of what is included in the bundle including a few of my favorite products.

If you prefer to read, scroll down to read my overview.

Mega Meal Planning Walk Through Videos

In my video, I said I would include my walk through videos of my Mega Meal Planning kit which comes INCLUDED in the Home Management Bundle 2022. So here is my walk through video for my printable and digital meal planners.

What’s Inside the Bundle?

TLDR: You get 10 eBooks, 36 eCourses, 23 Planners, 19 Printables, 1 Summit, 1 Membership Site, 5 Workbooks, and 2 digital planners. You get over 86 products worth $2590.13 for only $47.

The reason I say there is over 86 products is because some of the items within the bundle, are bundles themselves.

The bundle is divided into 10 sections.

Section 1: Self Care and Beauty

You’ll get 2 wardrobe products and 2 self care products. You can find out what your “color” is and use that information to create your own wardrobe.

Section 2: Cleaning

You’ll get 8 products including 4 courses and 4 planners/printables. Everything you could need to get organized, declutter, clean, create routines, etc. is in this section.

Section 3: Family Life & Relationships

This section is all about your personal relationships with your significant other, dating, and some basic mom/family information. There is information on preparing for a baby and toddler tantrums.

This section also has my favorite product – 52 at home date nights! It’s seriously so amazing and I can’t wait to implement her date ideas.

Section 4: Holiday Fun

There is a course and a bunch of holiday planners including one for Thanksgiving.

Section 5: Homeschooling

There are 5 resources to help you with homeschooling. This includes a choreboard, eCourse about teaching music, and even an entire unit on Bones and Muscles.

Section 6: Homesteading & Gardening

Learn everything you need to create your own vegetable garden, cut flower garden, indoor garden, and herb garden. Plus, learn how to prep your pantry in case of an emergency.

Section 7: Hospitality

Learn all about how to host guests without the stress. Plus, use an amazing planning tool to plan your parties quickly and easily.

Section 8: In the Kitchen

Get recipes and meal planners. There are multiple meal planning options including my Mega Meal Planner bundle.

Want to make life easier? Read an eBook all about how to make freezer meals to decrease your meal prep time.

Section 9: Making a House a Home

You’ll get 6 resources all about decorating and completing house projects both big and small. Plus, there is a photography course so you can take better pictures of your family!

Section 10: Managing your Home

You’ll get the most amazing products to help you manage your home. There are tons of planners and household management binders. Hundreds of printable pages to help you get organized.

You can look through and pick which system works best for you – not all are the same.

In addition, if you’re more of a visual person, you’ll find a course, podcast, and videos on homemaking.

Lastly, there is information about how to move, time management, conquering your to do list, and how to simplify your life.