Reading Road Map

A Reading Road Map is a simple activity to go with any fiction or nonfiction text. Once again, this is another activity I learned from fellow teachers at my school. My wonderful third grade team uses a version of the road map with students often. It’s perfect for students to work independently at their seats, in partners or in small groups. It’s also a great activity to leave for substitutes. Students follow along the road map while reading a story. They stop at each question, read the question to obtain their purpose for reading, read the pages required, and answer the pages based on the information from the text on the response sheet. It provides students with a purpose for reading which helps them to stay on-track during seat work. This is a blank copy of the customizable file. It is available to print and fill in by hand or in PowerPoint to fill in by typing. The files are available at the end of the post to download for free. 
This is what the recording sheet looks like.
Here is an example of a finished reading road map for the story, The Snowy Day. I used the free online version from We Give Books. The page numbers are based on the online story. 
Below, you can download your own copies to customize for any text of your choice! 

To Download
Click the links
below to download the files. After the file opens, go to File, Download (or
CTRL + S).
Files to Download