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Spring 5: How They Grow (Chick and Lamb)

These 2 spring stories give students the opportunity to work with a nonfiction text. I would suggest reading both stories so that students can compare and contrast the animals. The books are available for free on To include some technology in this lesson, you could have students read the stories on the computer while they complete the BRT worksheet or Venn diagram below. Enjoy!

*Both books are
available to read for free online at 
 Ages: 1-6
Topics:  Chicks, lambs, life
Worksheets and Activities
Have students
use a Venn diagram to compare the two animals. For younger students, this is a
great group activity. (The Venn diagram is from docstoc, user ithinkheslostit).
These can be completed
as a worksheet individually, or in a group. The questions can also be used as
discussion questions for younger students.
Doily Lamb by Croissant and Lavender (the website is in Hungarian but it was
easy to follow once translated).
Food Crafts