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Spring Book 1: Are You Ready to Play Outside?

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing 16 Spring books with tons of free matching worksheets, activities, crafts, and snacks.  To see all of my Spring book posts, simply click “spring books” under topics on the right sidebar.  

For each
book, I have included: age, topics, YouTube video (if one exists),
worksheets/activities, crafts, and snacks. If I couldn’t find any good worksheets for the book, I created one. The free resources I found are wonderful, so don’t forget to follow the blogs of the originators when you check them out. If you have any other great resources to match the books, please comment with a link! I would love to add them to my list for everyone to enjoy. 

Teachers – want to spend less time lesson planning and more time outside? There will be lots of worksheets and activities (including math connections) to fill your lesson plan books. They will also be perfect for writing sub plans when you need to play hooky go to an appointment. 

Parents – head to the library to check out these great books. There are lots of crafts to keep your little ones busy. Need a lunch idea? There will be lots of lunch and snack ideas to match the stories. 


Ages: Preschool-Grade 1
Topics: Playing outside, rain, how to have fun in the rain

Worksheets and Activities
Packets from the
I love the
Elephant and Piggie collection. One of my favorite things about it as a teacher
there are wonderful resources available from the author/publisher. They provide
multiple free ideas and worksheets to pair with the stories. I wish every
publisher would do this!
Have students
complete this quick and easy worksheet to tie in parts of speech. Students
write the verbs they find in the story on the raindrops.
Mommy and Me
Book Club provides multiple activities to complete with this book. My favorite
is her worm races. Yes, you read that right, worm races. Take your kids or
students outside, collect some worms, and see which worm is the fastest!
Play Outside in
the Rain!
I know that you
can’t do this as a teacher, but as a parent, read this story on a rainy day and
then head outside to play!
and Piggie Puppets from Three Little Birds
(you have to e-mail her for the
template, but it’s totally worth it)

Worm Ice from Martha
(great to add to water or juice)