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Spring Book 2: Yellow Umbrella

How can a book without words be so engaging for children? I love book 2, Yellow Umbrella. If you haven’t check this book out before, it’s a must-see. It’s a unique reading experience for students – you will be amazed and how interested they are in a wordless picture book. 
Have you already read this book before?? How did your students respond? I would also love to hear how you used the book in your classroom – it has so many possibilities! 

Ages: 4 and up
Topics: Umbrellas, Rain, Wordless picture book, How I Met Your Mother 
Activities and Worksheet
Students are split into groups to add text to the wordless picture book to create their own story. I created a simple worksheet to guide students through writing their own story to match the pictures. There is also a teacher’s direction page (perfect to leave for a sub day because the directions are already there!)

This is a great collection of umbrella clip art. It can be used with the crafts below.
Food Craft