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Spring Book 6: Ugly Vegetables

The Ugly Vegetables is a beautiful story about a girl and mother planting their vegetable garden. While it seems like a simple story about gardening, it holds a deeper meaning. The daughter is upset when their garden is not as “pretty” as the other gardens in the neighborhood. The mother teaches her daughter a great lesson about the insignificance of beauty in their garden. If you haven’t read this story, it’s one you should definitely check out. If you have read it, how have you used it within your classroom or home? 

Book: The
Ugly Vegetables by Grace Lin

Ages: Preschool-Grade 3
Topics: Gardens, vegetables, Chinese culture and language, sharing,
and community
Youtube Video                        
Worksheets and Activities
This is a
wonderful lesson plan that relates the story to both nutrition and language
arts. Teachers can pick and choose from the various worksheets and activities
to meet the needs of their students. If you would rather not tie it into
nutrition education, there are still various activities students could complete.
There is a science lesson as well where students match the seeds with
include: 2 online related to growing a garden, a picture slideshow about
growing a garden, spelling and vocabulary activities, and more.
5 Day Lesson Plan,
Vocabulary Activities, Discussion Questions, etc. by Wiki site user kczurek
(I wish I had more
information on this user so that I could better site their work!)
All activities
are ready to print and use within your own classroom. There are also Smartboard
activities that can be downloaded to use.