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20 Children’s Books Guaranteed to Make Dads and Grandpas Cry

Are you looking for a special book for your children to read with their Dad or Grandpa? What about a book that will make Dad or Grandpa tear up a little while they’re reading? Grab a book from this list and watch as your husband suddenly develops allergies during story time with the kids.

20 Children’s Books for Father’s Day

Books for Dads

The Little Bunny Book by Richard Scarry

I bet you’re wondering how a book about a bunny is perfect for Dad. This classic story has a surprise ending that would make any Dad smile.

My Dad Loves Me by Marianne Richmond

This sweet story uses animals to represent the many ways that Dads show their love for their children. My favorite is the gorilla page.

Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz

This story isn’t as likely to make Dad tear up as some of the other ones but it is geared towards the youngest of children. The bright colors and simple illustrations make it a baby favorite.

Because I’m Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa

These adorable monsters explain all of the special things Dad do for their children (those extra fun little surprises like french toast for dinner).

I Love my Daddy by Giles Andreae

Told from the perspective of a toddler, I Love My Daddy will remind any dad what makes them so special. This one is perfect for Dads with little ones.

I Love You Daddy by Jillian Harker

This is one of Amazon’s best sellers for Father’s Day. It’s about growing up and the fears children face as they take on new adventures and about the Dad that helps them face their fears.

Because Your Daddy Loves by by Andrew Clements

This Daddy and child book takes place on the beach. It takes an experience that many children and fathers can relate to – a day at the beach. See how the Dad handles all of the little problems while on a beach.

A Perfect Father’s Day by Eve Bunting

Read as Susie takes her Dad out for a perfect Father’s Day, spending time together.

Daddy’s Little Girl by Peter Wilson

Alright Dads of daughters, take out the tissues. This one is sure to get the allergies going.

My Dad is the Best Playground by Luciana Navarro Powell

This is one of my favorite books on the list because it’s so true in our house. My husband is definitely like a playground for my kids – I am always amazed at how he lets them climb on him.

Me and My Dad by Alison Richie

This story is about a Dad Bear and a Baby Boy Bear spending their day together and the many ways they show their love for each other.

Butterfly Kisses by Bob and Brooke Carlisle

Bob and Brooke Carlisle take Bob’s famous song and turn it into a book. This one is bound to get Dad’s waterworks going (especially if they have a daughter). This is a great book for brides to give their Dads on their wedding day or even when they become a grandfather (if they use this song for their dance).

If my Love Were a Fire Truck by Luke Reynolds

This story focuses on the special bond between a Dad and his son. The Dad shares the many ways he loves his son using familiar subjects such as animals, vehicles, and more.

I Love my Daddy by Sebastien Braun

This lovable tale features another bear father and child (I’m not exactly sure why bears are always used, I guess because Dads are protective like bears?). Read how the bear and the cub share a special bond.

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

While this story is written about a Mom and a son, it will still make Dad’s heart melt. It’s one of the sweetest stories about a relationship between a parent and child that I have read.

Books for Grandpa

I Love you, Grandpa by Jillian Harker

This endearing tale is sure to warm any Grandpa’s heart. This is just like I Love You, Daddy, only replaced with Grandpa. It tells the story of how Grandpas can help children be brave in the face of new adventures.

Thank You, God, for Grandpa
Thank You, God, for Grandpa, explains the special relationship between a child and their grandfather. This story shares what makes a Grandpa so special.

How to Baby Sit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan

This hilarious story is from the perspective of a young child a how he “babysits” Grandpa. When of course in all reality, the Grandpa is babysitting the child.

I Already Know I Love You by Billy Crystal

This story is written from the perspective of a soon-to-be Grandfather. It’s a wonderful way to announce to your father that you are expecting.

When a Grandpa Says “I Love You” by Douglas Wood

There are many ways a Grandpa says “I love you” to their grandchild without ever speaking. This precious story explains the many ways a Grandpa says “I love you” through their actions.

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Children's Books for Father's Day. 15 Books about Dads and 5 books about Grandpas that are guaranteed to bring a tear to their eye.