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24 Christmas Books Pt. 3

Here is Part 3 of the 24 Christmas Books with Free Coordinating activities. Today’s post includes activities for the following books: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The 12 Days of Christmas, Gingerbread Baby, Dream Snow, The Legend of
Poinsettia, and Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree. Enjoy!!

13. Rudolph the
Red-nosed Reindeer (
Multiple versions of this book)
Free Online Version

37 Edible Reindeer Crafts
Rudolph Coloring Pages
More Rudolph Coloring Pages – click on Rudolph on the Left Bar
3 Rudolph Crafts
Rudolph Clothespin Craft
Rudolph Writing Prompt (Scroll down)

14. The Twelve Days
of Christmas
Printable Worksheets
More Printable Worksheets
Coloring Pages for Each Day of Christmas (print in B&W
for coloring pages)
Salt Ornaments (use cookie cutters related to the song.. such
as trees, doves, swan, etc)
12 Sharpie Plates (each plate should represent the item in the
Swan Craft Idea (there aren’t any real directions but it
would be easy to recreate)
Drum Craft
Coloring Book
Math Number Tracing Pages
More Coloring Pages
5 Golden Rings Craft
15. Gingerbread Baby         
Board Game
Great pack of printables!
Gingerbread Baby Drawing
Video on How to Draw (scroll down to Gingerbread Baby and
Printable Pages
Ginger Bread Baby Recipe
Decorate Gingerbread Baby House Online
Decorate Gingerbread Baby Online
Coloring Pages
Gingerbread baby Numbers (buttons representing each number
Gingerbread Houses (have students draw a house for the
gingerbread baby – see example)
Alphabet Coloring Page

16. Dream Snow
Scholastic Lesson Plan
Snow Paint
Snow Dough
Coffee Filter Snowflakes
Fake Snow with Disposable Diapers
Writing Activity  
Transparency Idea – Scroll Down to “ART TO GO WITH THE BOOK
17. The Legend of
Felt Poinsettia
Poinsettia Made with Paper Hand Prints Idea
Coloring Page
Tissue Paper Poinsettia
Poinsettia Cupcakes
18. Mr. Willowby’s
Christmas Tree
Lesson Ideas
Great pack of Free Printables
Gift Tag Printable
Paper Plate Tree
Tree Ornament
Ice Cream Cone Trees
Clothespin Trees
35 Edible Christmas Tree Crafts
Handprint Christmas Tree
Don’t forget, you can try to get a copy and watch the Muppet’s
Version of the book!