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mermaid and unicorn peeps mom envy

Mermaid and Unicorn Peeps

Mermaid and Unicorn Peeps are a magical snack that your children will adore. Have a little extra time this Spring Break? Grab just a few ingredients and turn your Peeps into a majestic mermaid or unicorn (or both!). Even my boys loved playing with the decorated Peeps (although they liked eating the icing and fruit …

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watermelon mini-cake recipe mom envy

Adorable Watermelon Mini-Cake

Last week I gave a little sneak peek on Instagram for today’s post. We celebrated Carl’s half-birthday (yes, my husband and I am crazy and celebrate every little thing). Since Carl’s birthday falls so close to Christmas, I told my husband that I wanted to celebrate his half-birthday as a tradition. No toys or parties, just a …

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