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Free pancake sight word game

Free Pancake Sight Word Game

Learning sight words doesn’t have to be boring, use my free pancake sight word game to make learning sight words, fun! When learning sight words, children can be frustrated with the monotony of flashcard learning. Don’t get me wrong, flashcards totally have their place in learning at times. And for some kids, that’s the best …

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Halloween Lunch Notes

Halloween lunch notes are a fun way to add a little fall magic to your child’s day. While you can make your own, I have a set of free notes ready for you. They are SO easy to put together. You just print, cut, and sign your name!  Fall is such an exciting time of …

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Free school planner printables main image including pictures of various planner freebies including pencil stickers, apple sticker and die cut, etc.

Free School Planner Printables

There are so many fun and free school planner printables out there. I have rounded up some of my favorite stickers and accessories from my fellow planner bloggers. You are sure to find a style of school planner printables that fit your planner aesthetic or chosen washi tape for your planner spread. You can use …

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