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50 Easy Spring Paper Crafts for Adults, Teens, and Kids

Spring paper crafts are a great way to spend a rainy day in the spring time. There are so many wonderful spring crafts you can create inspired by the beautiful season.

The season of spring provides so many opportunities to do themed crafts. You could do a spring holiday like Mother’s Day, Easter, Ramadan, Passover, Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, etc. Or you could focus on the outdoor elements such as flowers, bees, trees, rainbows, baby animals, and more.

Paper is one of my favorite craft supplies because it is so inexpensive and versatile. Plus, you can use recycled paper materials such as toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, old newspapers, egg cartons, tissue paper from gift bags, etc. to create many of these inexpensive crafts.

What ages are these crafts for?

There are various craft projects for all ages – young children, older kids, and adults.

It can be hard sometimes to find an activity you can do all together as a family – many of these easy crafts are family-friendly and could be done with kids of all ages. You could have so much fun making memories crafting with your kids.

Plus, crafting is a great opportunity for younger kids to use their little hands to work on fine motor skills and to learn how to follow simple directions. Even older children can practice following directions and reading informational text.

Want to do an adult craft night? Find some friends and choose one of the crafts geared toward adults for a creative evening with friends.

What type of materials will I need to do these crafts?

Every craft in the round up uses paper somehow. It may be construction paper, card stock, printer paper, paper plates, coffee filters, or recycled paper items.

In addition to the paper products, you may need to use different materials and some household items. If you enjoy doing crafts and DIY projects, it’s best to have basic craft supplies on hand like popsicle sticks, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, etc.

Spring Paper Crafts

Now it’s time to get to the craft round up. For each craft, you’ll need to click the link to read the tutorial. If the craft uses some free printables, you may need to use your email address to sign up on the website to get the freebie.

50 Spring Paper Crafts for Adults and Kids

Find a fun craft to do this spring from this list of 50 spring paper crafts. There are spring crafts for adults, teens, and kids. You've got tons of different types of options from fun paper flower crafts, to handprint crafts, to puppets, to spring cards, and more.

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