Facebook Biography and Autobiography Printables

One of my favorite projects I created when I taught high school and a newspaper course at the local community college, was my Facebook Biography and Autobiography project. I used this project with my high school students with disabilities when doing a biography on a President. Then I used it again with my newspaper course when I had  my students complete an autobiography about themselves. Students love creating a Facebook profile. It incorporates research, the basics of a biography, and Facebook. 

The Project

Materials Needed

  • Facebook Outline
  • Printed Blank Facebook sheets (2 pages)
  • Computer Lab or Library for research (Biography)
  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons 
  • Materials to complete a written report if desired (see Tips for implementation)


  1. Show students the example Facebook profile (on President Obama). 
    • Green font shares directions for completing the profile.
    • Red font is used to represent the finished example.
    • For the example, I used clipart from the internet. Students should draw their pictures or write if they do not want to draw (for Likes/Friends). 
    • For students with disabilities and difficulty with drawing, pictures could be found and printed from the internet and glued on the profile. 
  2. Select a person for the biography (or students can use themselves if it’s an autobiography).
  3. Research the person using the internet or the library (biography).
  4. Complete the Facebook Outline.
  5. Complete the Facebook profile. 
  6. Use colored pencils, markers, or crayons to draw pictures on the Facebook profile.
  7. Share! 🙂 Students LOVE to share these projects. I also always put them on display around the classroom. 
Tips for Implementing this Project
  • For a more in-depth biography project, pair this project with a written biography report. It’s a simple, fun addition to a written report. Adding in a Facebook profile will help make the written report more motivating for students. I just suggest requiring the written report finished before starting the Facebook profile.
  • Possible groups of people to research: Presidents, Authors, Famous Americans, Scientists  Mathematicians, Athletes, Actors, Inventors, Military, Politicians/World Leaders, or other significant historical figures related to a unit/theme. 
  • Use in relation with Commemorative Months for: Women’s history, Black history, Hispanic history, etc.  
To Download
Click the links
below to download the files. After the file opens, go to File, Download (or
CTRL + S).
Files to Download
Picture Sources from
the President Obama Example
President Obama and
his family –  Picture from Annie
Leibovitz/Released by White House Photo Office, President Bill Clinton, Picture
from Bob McNeely/The White House, Spiderman –   
“Amazing Fantasy
#15” at The Grand Comics Database, Harry Potter Book – www.Amazon.com, White Sox – www.sportslogos.net, Baskin Robbins Logo –
www.Baskinrobbins.com, Joe Biden – http://www.whitehouse.gov/assets/hi_res/vp_portrait_hi-res.jpg,
Hillary Rodham Clinton – Department of State, Rahm Emanuel – http://www.house.gov/emanuel/images/repemanuel.jpg