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Facebook Biography and Autobiography Printables

One of my favorite projects I created when I taught high school and a newspaper course at the local community college, was my Facebook Biography and Autobiography project. I used this project with my high school students with disabilities when doing a biography on a President. Then I used it again with my newspaper course when I had  my students complete an autobiography about themselves. Students love creating a Facebook profile. It incorporates research, the basics of a biography, and Facebook. 

The Project

Materials Needed

  • Facebook Outline
  • Printed Blank Facebook sheets (2 pages)
  • Computer Lab or Library for research (Biography)
  • Colored pencils, markers, or crayons 
  • Materials to complete a written report if desired (see Tips for implementation)


  1. Show students the example Facebook profile (on President Obama). 
  • Green font shares directions for completing the profile.
  • Red font is used to represent the finished example.
  • For the example, I used clipart from the internet. Students should draw their pictures or write if they do not want to draw (for Likes/Friends). 
  • For students with disabilities and difficulty with drawing, pictures could be found and printed from the internet and glued on the profile. 
  • Select a person for the biography (or students can use themselves if it’s an autobiography).
  • Research the person using the internet or the library (biography).
  • Complete the Facebook Outline.
  • Complete the Facebook profile. 
  • Use colored pencils, markers, or crayons to draw pictures on the Facebook profile.
  • Share! 🙂 Students LOVE to share these projects. I also always put them on display around the classroom. 
  • Tips for Implementing this Project
    • For a more in-depth biography project, pair this project with a written biography report. It’s a simple, fun addition to a written report. Adding in a Facebook profile will help make the written report more motivating for students. I just suggest requiring the written report finished before starting the Facebook profile.
    • Possible groups of people to research: Presidents, Authors, Famous Americans, Scientists  Mathematicians, Athletes, Actors, Inventors, Military, Politicians/World Leaders, or other significant historical figures related to a unit/theme. 
    • Use in relation with Commemorative Months for: Women’s history, Black history, Hispanic history, etc.  
    To Download
    Click the links
    below to download the files. After the file opens, go to File, Download (or
    CTRL + S).
    Files to Download
    Picture Sources from
    the President Obama Example
    President Obama and
    his family –  Picture from Annie
    Leibovitz/Released by White House Photo Office, President Bill Clinton, Picture
    from Bob McNeely/The White House, Spiderman –   
    “Amazing Fantasy
    #15” at The Grand Comics Database, Harry Potter Book –, White Sox –, Baskin Robbins Logo –, Joe Biden –,
    Hillary Rodham Clinton – Department of State, Rahm Emanuel –