Multiplication Printables

As a child, learning how to multiply involved learning multiplication “raps.” I remember running around with my twin sister rapping our multiplication facts. When I became a teacher later, I was introduced to multiplication songs. This is when the facts of a number are set to a well-known tune. I have learned different versions over the years and have found some easier to remember than others. I have to admit, when learning a new song, I had to go to youtube to listen to the original song and try to match the numbers to the tune of the song (and I find myself still doing this when it’s been a while since I have used them). 
For today’s free printable, I have provided you with a PDF of multiplication songs for the facts of 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9. I prefer students use their prior skill of counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s rather than learning a song. Children love to learn these songs. One of my favorite co-teachers later taught me to have students hold up their fingers while singing the song to represent each fact (example for the 3’s family: 3 (1 finger), 6 (2 fingers), 9 (3 fingers), 12 (4 fingers), 15 (5 fingers), etc.) This provides a visual with the song which allows students to easily see what number they are multiplying by. I have found these songs especially useful for my students with specific learning disabilities that have difficulty with memorization. The songs make remembering the facts much easier than memorization of rote facts. They are also great to send home for parents to work on with their children.
 Once again, these are songs that other people have created over the years that I have borrowed for my own classroom use. 
Here is an example of some of the songs below! Download the free high-resolution file at the end of the post! 

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