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Pick Me, I’d Make the Best Christmas Tree: Persuasive Writing

Sorry that I have not been posting as regularly as I used to. We have been busy preparing for our little one, Carl. The doctors think he could be here any day. I am only 35 weeks so we are crossing our fingers he continues growing as long as possible! 
Today I wanted to share with you an easy persuasive writing activity. In this activity, students design a tree they think would make the perfect Christmas tree. Then, using their web, they brainstorm why their tree would be the perfect Christmas tree. Lastly, students use their web to write a persuasive writing to convince someone to buy them for Christmas. Here is the web, design-a-tree page, and one of two writing pages. The PDF files are available to download at the end of this post. 

To Download
Click the links
below to download the files. After the file opens, go to File, Download (or
CTRL + S).
Files to Download