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Spring Book 11: Mossy

Mossy is another wonderful story by Jan Brett. As always, her illustrations are beautiful and engaging. Mossy is the story of a box turtle whose life gets turned upside down. This story presents an opportunity for numerous colorful crafts and activities. I especially love the little egg crate turtles. Have you ever read Mossy with your class or child before? 

Book: Mossy by Jan Brett

Ages: 3 and up
Topics: turtles,
captivity, ponds

Worksheets and

This would be a great way to incorporate technology.
Students could write a post card to a friend telling them why they would or wouldn’t suggest the book. 

As an extension, students could also create a diorama of the
museum exhibit to compare/contrast.  
This could be adapted to glue flowers on the turtle instead
of buttons. 
This would make a great Scoot and children could paint
flowers for Mossy.
Children could add flowers to make Mossy (using stickers,
drawing, cutting/gluing, etc.)

Food Crafts