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Spring Book 4: Make Way for Ducklings

Today’s story is a classic spring story. The city of Boston is brought to life in this adorable little story about a family of ducks.  The story is so endearing that Boston Public Garden is home to statues of a mother duck with her ducklings following behind. It will instantly become a classic story in your home or classroom. Not to mention, this may be my favorite lunch yet to match a story. I can’t wait until Carl is old enough so we can read this story together and have an adorable duck-inspired lunch.

Have you ever see the statues in real life? Did you read this story when you were a child? I would love to hear how you have used this beautiful story in your classroom or home!


Book: Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey

Ages: 3-8
Topics: ducks, city life, family, Boston,
Worksheets and Activities
This packet makes a wonderful connection activity that teaches children about ducks.
The ducks colors could be changed to match Mallards

3-D Paper Plate Duck by Danielle’s Place (again colors could be changed)

Food Crafts