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Spring Book 9: Goodnight Baseball

I had to include a baseball book for my husband and son. I saw it at the bookstore a few weeks ago and bought it for my husband for Father’s Day (hope you’re not reading this honey, if you are, act surprised). You could complete most of these activities with any story about baseball but I especially love this story. My husband can’t wait to take my son to his first baseball game and this book perfectly describes the experience.

Goodnight Baseball by Michael Dahl

Ages: Preschool-Grade 2
Topics: Baseball, Father/Son relationship, and sequencing
Worksheets and Activities
I love this
idea. I have always wondered myself what is inside of a baseball. I think this
would be a great activity for students and kids at home. I think it would also
create an easy science writing activity to have students write a hypothesis
about what will be in the ball and then write a conclusion about what the
Here is a large
circle ready to print to save you a step!

Another example
from Pinterest (I tried to find the original creator but couldn’t)