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Boy Mom Must Haves

As a boy Mom, I have quickly learned that they are different creatures than girls. Yes, I know there is a lot of overlap and I know that not all boys are your stereotypical mud wrestling, bookcase climbing, toy car crashing little men. But for my time as a boy Mom, I have found that many of the stereotypes ring true (despite trying to provide them with gender neutral toys and experiences). My boys gravitated towards all things boy – wheels, mud, dirt, climbing, and roughhousing (man was I unprepared for the roughhousing). And some of the differences are related to their anatomy. I never knew how normal it would become to get my face covered in pee or to have my floor covered in pee (oh potty training how I despise you). So over my short 4 years as a Mom of boys, I have soaked up as much information I can from other boy Moms before me. I have bought products and followed their tips and tricks and done anything I can to make boy mom life a little more manageable.

For today’s post, I am sharing with you a list of must-have items as a boy mom. While some of these items would work well for girl moms, too, my focus today is for moms with boys. Some of these are products and tips I never came across while pinning my many different must-have baby lists on Pinterest. Do you have any products you have found help as a mom of boys? Let me know – I’d love to add them to my list and buy them for my home!

Disclaimer: Please understand that I am writing this based on my own personal experience as a boy Mom. Since I only have boys, I cannot compare raising boys to raising girls. There are many items on my list that may work for girls as well, but because I have no experience raising girls, I wrote this from the perspective of a boy Mom. I know that not all kids are alike or fit into gender stereotypes (no two boys are alike either, my boys prove that to me every single day). In no way am I trying to say that girls can’t be as active or messy; I am simply providing this list based on my own experiences to help other Moms of boys.

Boy Mom Must Haves


Washcloths. I know, all kids need wash cloths. But these washcloths aren’t for scrubbing your baby in the bath. These are the NUMBER one thing I recommend to new boy Moms. You see, baby boys have difficult with the air hits them during the diaper change, sometimes they pee. And a baby boy peeing means your face, couch, floor, the dog, etc. getting covered in pee. We tried the pee pee teepees but found that the boys’ pee was too forceful and it would just fall off. So our solution is a simple washcloth. When we take off their diaper, we throw a washcloth on top of them. That way if they do pee, it keeps it from splattering all over our face. We went with white so that we could easily bleach the stains away.

Changing Pad Liners

Now I suggest these liners for both boy and girl Moms. We all spent so much time picking out the most adorable changing pad cover for our nurseries, only for them to get covered in bodily fluids. After washing my cover over and over, my sister suggested these changing pad liners. We bought a bunch and use them throughout the house (and even take them when we travel). These are waterproof changing pad liners. Simply place them on top of the changing pad cover to keep it clean during diaper changes. When one gets dirty, just throw it in the laundry bin and replace it with a new one. We bought 3 sets of these over the years and it’s made life (and laundry) easier.

Sleeve Ironing Board

Ironing tiny little boy pants, tiny little sleeves, and tiny little boy collars are some of my least favorite activities. Ironing, in general, isn’t fun. But trying to get tiny little 100% cotton outfits looking crisp and wrinkle free feels impossible. One day I was on the phone with my mom cursing the iron and my youngest son’s adorable little outfit. She suggested I get a sleeve ironing board. To be honest, I had never heard of such a thing. Being the wonderful Mom she is, two days later I received a sleeve ironing board (through Amazon prime of course). While ironing still isn’t fun or easy, it’s a lot easier with this little ironing board.

Neosporin Wound Cleanser

Cleaning little cuts can be difficult with a squirmy kid. We’ve found this to be the easiest way to clean the wound before bandaging it. Again, any household can use this. I suggest for all parents to have it on hand for scrapes and cuts.

Fun Bandaids

I know, plain bandaids work just as well and are less expensive. The thing is, getting a kid to wear a bandaid can be difficult. Having bandaids in a fun design that is interesting to your child can make the fight a lot easier.

Potty Seats with a Tall Splash Guard

Not all potty seats are created equal; this is especially true for potty seats for boys. We have two Thomas the Tank Engine potty seats. We tried a little potty but our oldest has no interest (he wanted to use the big potty). No matter what seat you select, make sure it has a tall splash guard. If not, you will end up with pee-soaked clothes and floors.

Vinyl Toilet Seat Reminder

As your boys get a little older, I have heard that getting them to put down the seat is a constant battle. This vinyl can easily be applied (to a clean toilet seat). If you have your own Silhouette or Cricut, this is a project that can be done at home, too.

Cheerios for Potty Training

Potty training is a multi-step process for boys. First, you teach them to pee sitting on the potty. But later, you have to teach them how to stand to pee. This is one of those tricks that I have learned from Moms on a group forum. While the vinyl trick may work for the toilet seat, I have heard that the vinyl target in the toilet bowl doesn’t last very long. Instead, I have read that using cheerios in the toilet bowl can help boys learn to aim more accurately (meaning your floors stay a lot cleaner).

Clorox Urine Remover

This urine remover is another product passed down to me from other Moms of boys. For some reason, pee smells are extremely stubborn. It seems like all of the regular cleaning methods don’t remove the smell. This urine remover works better than any product I’ve tried. Another method I have read about (but haven’t tried), is coating the toilet and surrounding area in shaving cream, letting it sit, and then cleaning it off.


These locks can be used in many areas. We use one on our freezer. Many people have found they work great on toilet lids as well. We love these things. Our youngest has tested our childproofing skills and this is one of our favorite baby proofing products.

I Love You More by Laura Dukata

There are so many wonderful children’s books out there. I Love You More is told from the perspective of the Mom and then from the Perspective of the son. The reason this one is great for boy moms is that it is based on the relationship between a Mom and a Son so your boy may more closely relate to it.

Traffic Cones

I know, this is an odd item to have on the list. But in one of the Facebook Mom’s groups I am in, traffic cones are suggested as a way to provide boys with boundaries when playing outside (or even inside). Some boys work better with a visual rather than saying, don’t go past the end of the driveway. You can also use them to mark off areas you don’t want them going into (such as near the television, your newly planted flower beds, etc.).

Fels-Naptha Stain Remover

Stained clothes can be frustrating. You try everything to get that mud or chocolate stain out of your rowdy boy’s clothes. Boy Moms (especially soccer, football, baseball, etc. Moms), swear by this stain remover.

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