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Easter Egg Filler Ideas for Adults and Teens: Over 100 Ideas

Easter hunts aren’t just for kids – check out this lists of fun Easter Egg filler ideas for adults and teenagers. Easter baskets and egg hunts tend to end for most people by their twenties. By why can’t adults act like little kids and have some Easter fun, too?

There are so many ways you can make an adult egg hunt happen. Host a neighborhood Easter hunt, have an extra egg hunt after the kids have their fun on Easter, a special Easter party with friends, etc. Adults will have so much fun – the competition gets serious when the eggs are filled with more exciting prizes than candy.

I have compiled a list of Easter egg filler ideas for adults. These ideas are for adults, teens, and some would even work for older kids.

I love to have a variety of items in the eggs that range in price value. It makes the search a bit more intense as everyone is racing for those plastic eggs with the gift cards and higher-value dollar bills.

This image shows items that can fit into an Easter egg for adults, this one shows a bunch of plastic eggs and money, hair tie, whiskey rocks, chapstick, coffee pod, granola bar, shot class, washi tape, and mini liquor bottle.

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What Size Eggs to Use?

You can use any size plastic Easter eggs you’d like. I prefer to use different sizes so that I can vary the items that I put inside of the eggs. I buy a mix of smaller and larger eggs. My list has items that can go in either a standard egg or jumbo egg.

Do Gift Cards Fit into Plastic Eggs?

In short, no. My experience is gift cards do not fit in most plastic eggs including the jumbo eggs. Gift cards fit ONLY into the SUPER jumbo eggs.

I know that gift cards are high up on the list for most adult Easter egg hunt lists but when I tried them, they didn’t fit into any of my jumbo eggs. And you can’t bend a plastic gift card or it will damage it and possibly become unusable.

Instead, I found that using paper gift cards (buying an egift card and then just printing out the card) was the better solution than using such big eggs. If you are planning to use plastic gift cards, just search for the biggest plastic eggs you can get because they will not fit into standard jumbo Easter eggs.

Here is an example of a gift card in an egg and how much larger the egg has to be compared to a standard plastic Easter egg.

Know your Egg Hunters

There are a wide variety of fun ideas that may not work for everyone. When coming with your ideas, think about who will be hunting and what their interests may be (make up, golfing, tools, Lego building, etc.) The items on my list below have a huge variety and not all ideas will work for all people.

Have a Wide Variety of Items – Exciting to Not So Exciting

While everyone loves to get money and big ticket items in their eggs, it can be fun to mix in some not-so-fun items to get into an egg or embarrassing items. It adds to the fun of the adult Easter egg hunt.

Amazon List of Adult & Teen Egg Fillers

Want to start shopping for items on Amazon? Click here to check out my list of over 100 items you can buy from Amazon for adult & teen Easter eggs.

At the top it says 100+ adult & teens easter egg ideas. See the full list at Below that is a list of non candy easter egg fillers.

Easter Egg Filler Ideas for Adults

Edible Easter Egg Filler Ideas

Make sure to know all of your friends and families food allergies and dietary restrictions. You don’t want your brother inlaw having an allergic reaction or your sober Uncle getting a mini liquor bottle.

  • Typical Easter Candy (jelly beans, fun size candy, etc.)
  • Mini beef jerky sticks
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Trail mix
  • Pistachios & other shelled nuts
  • Flavored water packets
  • Gum
  • Mints
  • Hard candies
  • Mini Nutella jars (fit in jumbo egg – you can find them at places like Target in their Easter section)
  • Mini bottles of hot sauce
  • Mini liquor bottles (will need to go into very large plastic eggs)
  • “Special” gummies
  • Mini granola bars
  • Mini protein bars
  • Dried fruit
  • Snack size bags of pickles
  • Snack size bags of olives
  • Fancy tea bags
  • Coffee pods

Non-Food Easter Egg Stuffers

  • Paper gift cards
  • Dollar bills
  • Coins
  • Lottery tickets (fit rolled up in jumbo eggs)
  • Fun socks
  • Ear buds
  • Flower seeds and vegetable seed packets
  • Hair ties
  • Hair clips
  • Washi tape
  • Homemade coupons (dish duty, free car wash, baby sitting duties, etc.)
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath oils
  • Fidget toys
  • Golf tees
  • Golf balls
  • Chapstick or lip balm
  • Nail polish
  • Face masks
  • Foot masks
  • Eye masks
  • Shout wipes
  • Small post its
  • Sleeping masks
  • Stress balls
  • Essential oils
  • Lens cleaning wipes
  • Car air fresheners
  • Erasers
  • Lego people
  • Charms for bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Stickers (waterproof ones for waterbottles)
  • Key chains
  • Croc charms
  • Lanyard
  • Magnets
  • Mini flashlight
  • Mini measuring tape
  • Nail stickers
  • Nail polish strips
  • Small nail file
  • Mini bottle of lotion
  • Small make up items
  • Aromatherapy shower steamers
  • Decision coins
  • Enamel pins
  • Pocket knife
  • Pocket multi-tool
  • Make up remover wipes or cloth
  • Phone cables
  • Car dip holders
  • Sneaker air fresheners
  • Headbands
  • Worlds Smallest Games
  • Beard oil
  • Exfoliating gloves
  • Chapstick holder
  • Level bubbler
  • Drill bits
  • Bungee cords
  • Cute paper clips
  • Fun binder clips
  • Mini power bank
  • Cable organizers/clips
  • Memory cards
  • Mini beauty blenders
  • Nail clippers
  • Condoms
  • Medicine
  • Corn cushions
  • Bandaids
  • Laundry pods
  • Dishwashing pods
  • Slingshot chickens
  • Grow a boyfriend
  • Grow a girlfriend
  • Mini toothpaste
  • Flossers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Shot glass
  • Whiskey rocks
  • Bottle pourer spouts
  • Tea bag holders
This image shows items that can fit into an Easter egg for adults, this one shows hair ties.

Easter Basket Stuffers

Many of these great ideas also work for Easter baskets, too! The smaller items work really well and fit great into Easter baskets for adults.

Share the Cost & Up the Variety: Everyone Fill & Bring Eggs!

Want to spread out the variety and the responsibility? Filling eggs with gift cards and money can add up quick. Have all of the adults bring a certain number of eggs and then have the kids hide the eggs or have one person to hide all of the eggs.

This image shows items that can fit into an Easter egg for adults, this one shows a coffee pod.

Will it Fit? Take a Plastic Egg Shopping!

When you are looking for egg fillers, it’s a good idea to bring a plastic egg or two with you when you shop. I did this and it made it so much easier to determine what would fit.

I was shocked to see how off my visual perception was – some items I was sure would fit were way too large and other items surprisingly fit. It’s best to have an egg with you to test so you don’t waste your money.

What Stores are Good for Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas?

You can find small items anywhere for adults. While I normally suggest party favor sections for kids, it’s a bit tricker for adults. You can honestly get small items for adult easter eggs in any store – you just have to be creative in your thinking.

Here are some of my favorite options for adult non-candy Easter egg fillers based on my experience..

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • 5 Below
  • Craft stores like Michaels, Joanns, & Hobby Lobby
  • Make up stores (Sephora, Ulta, etc)
  • Home Improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply)
  • Amazon
  • Dollar Stores

Word of Caution for Parties with Little Kids

Many of these items are a choking hazard or may not be safe for children to eat. I like to hand out large zip loc bags for the adults to empty the egg hunters to empty their eggs into. That way small children are kept safe.

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At the top it says over 100 adult & teen Easter egg fillers. At the bottom it says edible & inedible. In the middle, the image shows items that can fit into an Easter egg for adults, this one shows a bunch of plastic eggs and money, hair tie, whiskey rocks, chapstick, coffee pod, granola bar, shot class, washi tape, and mini liquor bottle.