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Family Planner Directions

Family Planner Video Directions

If you are more of a visual learner, then check out this video of how to print and put together the Family Planner.

Family Planner Example Planner

Here is an example of the pages I would use within my own family planner.

Family Planner Written Directions

Planner Sizes

I have included letter size pages. If you’d like to print your planner in a different size, no problem! Follow my tutorial on how to resize planner printables for ANY size planner. Just select the letter size version to be able to follow the tutorial. 

How to Resize Planner Printables for Any Size Planner

Print What you Need! 

You simply print the pages that you need and you’ve got yourself a planner! Because the majority of the pages are undated, you can print it as much as you want and use it year after year. Plus, you don’t have to start it in January! 

Family Planner Sections

The planner files are divided into folders for each planner section. This way, you can print just what you need. They are in the following folders:

  • Covers
  • Dividers
  • Emergency Info 
  • Meal Planning
  • Cleaning
  • Money Management
  • Parenting & Pet Info
  • Monthly Calendars 
  • Weekly pages
  • Daily Pages
  • Extra Pages

What’s Inside Each folder?

Each folder has printable files based on the category. You can print as many copies of each page that you need for your own planner. 


You’ll find 8 different covers included. They come both as a simple cover with no lettering and also with the title, Our Family Planner. Print these on cardstock and laminate it if possible.


There is a divider for each section. Print them on cardstock so they’re a little tougher. They’re perfect to add tabs to. Click here to see my favorite in my Amazon Influencer store

Want dividers that are a little more unique? I have a couple of different sets that are totally free on my website: 

Divider Set 1

Divider Set 2

Emergency Information 

This is pretty self explanatory. It’s a page with all of the important emergency information for your family.

Meal Planning

This section includes everything you need to meal plan. I like to print out monthly meal planners and plan two weeks at a time. 


Need help managing your cleaning schedule? You’ll love this section. It has what you need to keep your house clean and organized.  

Money Management 

This folder includes a few things to help keep track of bills and saving money for a special trip or item. 

Parenting Info

This section has a bunch of parenting forms including:

  • Babysitting forms (I always keep a few blank ones in the binder)
  • Pet sitting form
  • School information form (2 versions – bus riders & before/after care) 
  • Classmate information 
  • IEP information 

*IEP Information

I would suggest pulling the IEP information into it’s own binder if you a child receiving special education services. It includes a basic information sheet, contact collection form, and information for service providers. 

Monthly Calendars 

There is an undated monthly calendar for each month. There is a left page for each month. The right side is designed for 2021-2025 (or blank).

Weekly Pages

There are 3 weekly versions. A 2-page dashboard version, a 2-page vertical version, and a 1-page version.

Daily Pages

There are a couple of options for daily pages. I wouldn’t necessarily put these into my planner unless I had a really large planner or had my planner split into only 3 or 6 months at a time. Adding an additional 365 pages would make it pretty bulky. 

Instead, I like to print these pages as needed. I’ll fill them out in my planner and then set them out at the start of the day on my counter so I remember my specific plans for that day. You can, of course, use them any way that works for you. 

Extra Pages

These are some pages that didn’t quite fit into any other section. They include:

  • Contact list 
  • Donations tracker
  • Password tracker 
  • Birthday and anniversary tracker
  • Card tracker (keep track of who you need to buy cards for/when/if they’re sent)
  • Card tracker version 2 (including address of the person)
  • Gift idea list
  • Wish list (I use this for myself, kids, and husband. I have one per each) I try to organize my planner as the following

How I Typically Organize my Own Planner

This is how I organize my own planner.

**This is easier to see in the video tutorial. I highly recommend watching it.

  • Cover
  • Emergency Info
  • Meal Planning
  • Cleaning Section
  • Monthly Spread (with the left side printed on the back of the currently      page) 
  • Weekly spread (x 4 or 5 – depending on the month) with the left page  printed on the back of the right page of the monthly). 
  • Money Management 
  • Parenting & Pet Info
  • Extra pages 

How to Create your Own Planner – More Info

If you want a little additional info on how to make your own planner, visit my page on how to create your own planner.