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Create your Own Planner (Using Planner Printables!)


Did you know that you can create your own planner? As much as I love purchasing paper planners (Happy Planners are my go-to), sometimes, store-bought planners just don’t have everything you need. 

Or, maybe you want to save money by printing your own paper planner at home or you are a digital planner. Or, you want to supplement your current planner with some additional pages. 

No matter the reason you’re here, I am here to show you how you can print your own planner.

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How to Create Your Own Planner

To create your own planner, you’ll need some supplies at home and some planner printables. The supplies you need will depend on the planner that you’d like to create (bound, rings, discs, etc. or the thickness of paper, etc). 

Don’t worry about the planner printables, I have over 250 freebies here on Mom Envy that I will share links to at the end of this post. 

The Supplies Needed to Create your Own Planner

Now, you don’t necessarily need all of these materials. You could use standard copy paper (and print single-sided). But, I do suggest using a heavier paper that will allow you to print double-sided without ghosting/little ghosting. 

Doesn’t Ink Get Expensive?

Ink doesn’t have to be expensive. WHAT?? I know – I sound crazy, don’t I? But, with the HP Ink Program, you don’t have to worry about the high costs of ink. Read more about my experience with the HP Ink Program and why I suggest it for crafters and planner lovers!

The Parts of a Planner

You can add anything you’d like to a planner. But, here are the basic components of a yearly planner.

Want to see how I set up a planner? Click here to see how I print and set up my Adulting Planner.

Basic Planner Layout

  • Cover
  • Planner dividers (one per month)
  • Year-at-a-Glance Calendars
  • Monthly Calendars (single or 2 page-spread)
  • Weekly planner pages
  • Daily planner (not necessary but some people enjoy them)

Additional Pages to Add

  • Currently page
  • Habit tracker + Mood Trackers
  • Budgeting pages
  • Fitness pages
  • Cleaning/housework pages
  • Note pages
  • …and so much more!


Free Planner Printables from Mom Envy

With over 250 free planner printables, I have everything here on Mom Envy that you could possibly need to create your own planner. 

Planner Covers

Calendars at a Glance

Planner Dividers

Monthly Calendar Pages

Weekly Planner Pages

Habit & Mood Trackers

Goal Trackers & Goal Setting

Currently Page

Extra Planner Inserts

Parenting & School Planner Inserts

House & Home Decor Inserts


Favorite Planner Blogs

Even though I make my own printables, there are plenty of planner blogs that I love to use to get printables for my own planner! Here are a few of my favorite planner blogs: 



Tuesday 28th of September 2021

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