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Free April Mood and Habit Tracker

If you’re someone that uses a monthly mood tracker or habit tracker, you won’t want to miss this one for April. These adorable little bunnies are a great spring-time addition for any planner. 

There are two types of trackers available. Learn about them below. Download the files at the bottom of this post. 

Free April Mood and Habit Tracker

  1. Blank Tracker with faces drawn in. Use this by coloring in the bunnies to represent a mood or to track a habit such as (color one color to represent completed action and another color to represent not completing it, colors by number of bottles of water drank, spend or no spend, minutes of “me” time spent, etc.) 
  2. Blank tracker WITHOUT faces. Use this as a mood tracker or to represent success or no success on a habit. Draw how you’re feeling as the bunny’s expression. Or use a happy face to show success and a sad face to show unsuccessful (for example: no spend = happy face, spent money = sad face). This one comes with and without a key.


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