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Free Pancake Sight Word Game

Learning sight words doesn’t have to be boring, use my free pancake sight word game to make learning sight words, fun!

When learning sight words, children can be frustrated with the monotony of flashcard learning. Don’t get me wrong, flashcards totally have their place in learning at times. And for some kids, that’s the best way to learn.

But, using games such as this free pancake sight word game provides an alternative to simply using flashcards. Children still get to practice reading their sight words but in a more exciting and interactive way.

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Words Included in the Pancake Game

To make this game more accessible for other teachers, I used Dolch sight words list. If you have your own set of site words, you can use the blank pancakes to print and fill in.

Who is this Sight Word Game for?

This game doesn’t just have to be used in classrooms. It is a great activity for parents, daycare providers, and babysitters.

What Materials Are Required for the Sight Word Game?

Pancake Sight Word Game Preparation

  1. Download the set of pancakes you’d like to use.
  2. Print the pancakes.
  3. Cut the pancakes.
  4. Laminate & cut around the lamination (if desired).

Pancake Sight Word Game Directions

  1. 2 or more children find an open area on the floor.
  2. Spread the pancakes out upside down on the floor.
  3. Children take turns using the pancake turner to flip and pick up a pancake.
  4. When they flip the pancake over, they should read the sight word aloud.
  5. If they can read the sight word, they get to keep the pancake.
  6. If they can’t read the sight word, they place the pancake back on the floor upside down.
  7. The student with the most pancakes at the end wins the game.

**Game Variation**

Instead of putting the pancakes upside down, you could place them face up. Children could take turns picking up and reading the pancakes. This may work better for children with anxiety or who struggle with reading.

Pancake Sight Word Tips for the Classroom and Home

This is a great activity for your spouse parent volunteers to help with at home. Send the blank pancake file home through e-mail or on a flash drive along with your sight word list.

Have a tech-savvy parent type the words into the pancake template. Then you can print the pancakes and have parent volunteers (or friends :)) help cut out the pancakes. This is another game I suggest you laminate. If you laminate them, in the beginning, they can be used year after year. 

Pancake Sight Word Game Files

Preprimer Pancakes (preschool/kindergarten)

Primer Pancakes (kindergarten) 

First Grade Pancakes 

Second Grade Pancakes

Third Grade Pancakes

Blank Pancakes (Fill in your own words) 

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