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Pottery Barn Knock-off Typewriter Key Art Part 1

If I was given one store to buy everything for my house, it would all be from Pottery Barn. Unfortunately, we would be totally broke and have nowhere to put all of our pretty new furnishings.

While their items are beautiful, oftentimes they are too expensive for our budget. Since our dining room table would be used for years to come, we did spend money to buy one of their beautiful dining room tables.

When it comes to some of their art, I often think, I could do something like that. Well after flipping through their new catalog I found myself loving their typewriter key prints and of course thought, “I could make that!”

So today, I am sharing with you Part 1 of my Pottery Barn Typewriter Keys knock-off wall art (the alphabet). In Part 2, I will share numbers and symbols. They have been created in high-resolution so that you may have them printed at any size. At Pottery Barn, the letters are framed in black. While I love the way this looks, I also think they would make the perfect canvases.

I recently received a picture from a reader using them in her bedroom on either side of the bed. They looked great hanging above her nightstands. If you use the prints somewhere in the house, I would love to see it! Send me an email or tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

Pottery Barn Inspiration

Now on to the prints! Here is an example of Pottery Barn’s version:

My Inspired Version

Here is an example of the FREE version I am sharing with you:

Typewriter Alphabet

typewriter keys mom envy free printables

Click here to get to Part 2 (the numbers and symbols):

typerwriter key prints pottery barn inspired mom envy

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Tips and Tricks for Printing

  • If you’re printing at home, print on cardstock for added durability.
  • Simply download the files below and print the files.
  • These files are square in shape. If you are sending your files to a printer, you will have to select the correct size to match your frame. So if you want to print an 8 x 8 square print, print an 8 x 10 and trim the excess off.
  • These frames are perfect for these prints. You can see these in use in my Carl’s nursery tour post.
  • Don’t try to save the images above to print. They are low resolution and also include my watermark. Unless you want grainy pictures in your home with the name of my blog, I’d click below.









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typerwriter key prints pottery barn inspired mom envy
Pottery Barn Knock-off Typewriter Key Art Part 2
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