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Rainbow Seeds Printable: Free Printable Bag Topper

This free rainbow seeds printable makes adorable party favors for a St. Patrick’s Day party. It is such an inexpensive favor, classroom treat, or cute little gift idea for St. Patrick’s Day because it takes so little.

All you need is the free printables, some rainbow colored candy, and a ziploc bag. Plus, they are so simple to make. They will take very little time to put together.

This image shows a bag of skittles with a bag topper that says rainbow seeds on it with a picture of a rainbow. In the top right corner is a bag of skittles with some skittles spilled out on the table.

One of my favorite things about being a Mom is getting to be a maker of the magic. I will take any chance to add a little bit of magic and whimsy to my children’s lives – they are only little once.

One way I can give them bonus happy memories during their childhood is to do something special for holidays – and you don’t have to go all out to make a holiday special. Sometimes all it takes is an extra special treat to make their day more exciting.

Themed treats to match the holiday is one fun way to easily bring some joy to a holiday. And these rainbow seeds’ treat bag toppers go perfectly with St Patrick’s Day. You don’t even need special clear treat bags – simple sandwich bags work perfectly.

Isn’t it so much fun to see how excited kids get over something a little extra special? It takes barely any extra time to add the added touch of the rainbow seeds printable label to a bag of candy. It’s the perfect finishing touch.

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Cute Books to Pair with Rainbow Seeds

Rainbow Seeds would make a fun end to a lesson during a unit about rainbows and weather or a lesson about a book that focuses on rainbows. Some great book options to use are:

Classroom Leprechaun Hunt or Party

Are you having a classroom leprechaun hunt or party? In recent years, leprechaun hunts at school have been on the rise. Wouldn’t these be cute little treats for the kids to find at the end of a leprechaun hunt?

This image shows a bag of skittles with a bag topper that says rainbow seeds on it with a picture of a rainbow.

What Candy or Treat Should I Use for the Rainbow Seeds?

You can use any colorful candy that look small like seeds – think anything that comes in the shades of a rainbow. Some possible ideas include:

  • skittles
  • m & ms
  • gummy bears
  • fruit loops cereal
  • rainbows and other shaped marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal
  • Nerds candy

Things like Lucky Charms are cute because they are a fun cereal for St. Patrick’s Day but they don’t look like seeds. Same with rainbow color candy like Jolly Ranchers or Rainbow Twizzlers.

There is a bag topper being held that says Rainbow Seeds and has a picture of a rainbow.

Where Can I Download the Free Rainbow Seeds Printable?

You can click right here to get the instant download right from my Google Drive folder or at the bottom of this post.

Can I Purchase the Finished Rainbow Seed Bags or Printed Toppers from Mom Envy?

Sorry, we do not sell physical items on our site. You can get the digital files needed to make them yourself though.

This image shows the materials needed to create your own rainbow seeds bag - stapler, rainbow seeds printable that you can get for free in this post, scissors, and plastic bag.

What Materials Do you Need for Rainbow Seeds

What Tools Do you Need for Rainbow Seeds

  • Printer
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Stapler

Directions to Make Rainbow Seeds

1.Download the printable labels here.

2. Print the label on white card stock paper.

3. Cut the labels out.

4. Fold them in half hotdog style (so the tag stays long).

This image is showing the rainbow seeds printable bag topper folded in half longways.

5. Fill a ziploc bag with rainbow colored sweet treats.

6. Place the folded tag over the top of the bag and staple it on both the left and right – making sure the staples are going through the bag as well.

This image shows stapling a bag topper on top of a bag of skittles. The bag topper says rainbow seeds.

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At the top it says free printable rainbow seeds bag topper. Below that, the image shows a bag of skittles with a bag topper that says rainbow seeds on it with a picture of a rainbow.