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Back to School Planner Stickers – Adulting Style

Tired of boring back to school planner stickers? Then don’t miss this set of free back to school stickers in Mom Envy’s classic “adulting” style. These sarcastic stickers are a fun addition to any parent’s planner or calendar.

Back to School Planner Stickers – Adulting Style

Are you looking forward to your children going back to school? Are you dreading all of the extra work that comes with back to school time? These stickers represent all of those Mom (and Dad) feelings about going back to school.

Sure, I’ll miss my son when he returns to school. But at the same time, the long days of summer start to become draining after one too many “I’m bored” comments or you’ve broken up the one-millionth fight of summer.

So, instead of using standard back to school stickers, why not poke a little fun at surviving summer? These are definitely not your traditional back to school planner stickers.

Not Into the Sarcastic Sticker Style?

If you’re looking for a more generic sticker set, check out my basic back to school planner stickers and download a free back to school planner insert and planner clips set

The back to school planner stickers set includes:

  • Silhouette cut file
  • Simple file with no outline
  • File with black outline (this is a great option for Cricut users)

Picture of the entire sheet of back to school planner stickers that are available to download for free.

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Picture of a pin for pinterest with some examples of the back to school planner stickers. There is a black background on the top of the image with white text that says back to school sarcastic planner stickers. There is a drawing of a pencil and examples of the back to school stickers below that.

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Marion Maas

Monday 12th of August 2019

These are hilarious and great. I love them! Thank you for sharing.