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Book-Themed Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker – 2 Free Designs

Are you a book-lover that also plans? Then you don’t want to miss this book-themed mood tracker and habit tracker. There are two designs perfect to track your emotional state throughout the month. Not into mood tracking but still want to use it? No problem!

This habit tracker can be used to be track all sorts of things from a no-spend month (colored in books or blank) to how much water you drank in a day (use various colors to represent cups or ounces). Need some more ideas to track? Check out our lit under this habit tracker post

If you like planners and books, don’t miss this book tracker!

Free Book Tracker Planner Printable. Download three different planner printables perfect for a planner. Create a book bucket list for you or for your child. Download this free bullet journal style planner printable. #bulletjournal #bujo #freeplannerprintables #planning #happyplanner

Now, let’s take a look at the tracker.

Book-Themed Mood Tracker and Habit Tracker

This free printable for planners is available in two different designs. One has some decor added in while the other is blank. For both designs, the title space is left blank so that you can customize it with your own. Plus, it’s available in 31 days, 30 days, 29 days, and 28 days. 

Here are some examples. One of the examples included is colored in to show how it can be used. 


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Friday 1st of March 2019

Laura, I enjoyed your story about building a home, and the charges with any changes.

My husband and I added an attached garage, workshop and spa room. I remember our contractor at some point, he said "I have never did a job where there were no changes. None of my buddies will believe me."

I hope your new home fulfills all your hopes and dreams.