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Candy Mason Jar Gifts – Free Customizable Printables

Mason Jar gifts are one of my favorite items to make for people (why are mason jars so cute?). Giving candy in a jar makes it a little more special than in its original plastic bag.

A few years ago, I started to create these mason jar wraps for gifts. They work well for holidays, teacher’s gifts, neighbor gifts, etc. They’re quick and easy to design and even easier to print, cut and assemble.

For Mother’s Day this year, I have created a Peanut M & Ms mason jar wrap and a Reese’s Pieces mason jar wrap. Both can be completely customized with whatever name you choose. My Mother-in-Law loves Peanut M&M’s, they’re one of her favorite treats.

I know these are a little punny, but puns can turn plain candy into an adorable and loving gift. For today’s mason jar wraps, I have included: Love You to Pieces for Reese’s Pieces, and I’m Nuts About You for the Peanut M&M’s.

These phrases are so simple that you could use them for a Grandparent, parent, child, husband, wife, friend, etc. I have even included a second file for the Peanut M&M’s that says, We instead of I so that it can be given from more than one person.

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Second Version of the Jars – Moon Pies, too!

You may notice that one of the two jars look familiar. Well after receiving many e-mails over the years since I’ve made it, I finally created a completely customizable Reese’s Pieces Father’s Day label.

And if Reese’s Pieces and Peanut M&M’s aren’t your Mom’s thing, then check out these adorable moon pie mason jar wraps. They’re available to download for free as well from the Father’s Day post. They don’t have any customization unfortunately but they have no space for a name so they can be given to anyone.

Free mason jar gifts. Moon Pie mason jar wrap from Mom Envy.Are you here for Father’s Day? If so, you may be interested in adding this little extra gift for Dad this year!

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Candy Mason Jar Gifts

Candy Mason Jar Gifts Free Printables you can customize from Reeses Pieces and Peanut M & M themed mason jar wraps. Gift ideas for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, Neighbhors, teachers, and more. Free printables. Free gifts. Gift ideas.

Tips and Tricks for Printing

  • Print on cardstock for added durability.
  • Simply download the files below, unzip, and print the files after you customize.
  • For the Peanut M&M’s, there is an option for shorter and longer names (shorter=Grandma length, longer names=great-grandma).
  • You can print 2 labels to a page or 4.
  • The circles are cut out separately from the wraps.
  • Simply wrap the jar and attach it with tape (on the underside).
  • Then place a piece of tape under the circular label and apply to the center where the two ends of the wrap meet (it’s okay if they don’t quite meet, the label will cover it)
  • If you use a smaller jar, you may need to trim the wrap.
  • If you use a larger jar, (if you mom REALLY loves candy), then you can print 2 wraps.
  • The labels are in PDF and JPG format. Use whichever you prefer.

Candy Mason Jar gifts for Mothers Day download


Saturday 30th of April 2022

Since canning jars are in shortage and real canners need them, may I suggest other large jars such as mayo jars, spaghetti sauce jars, or pizza sauce jars (all well washed, of course) as alternatives? A pizza sauce jar will hold a lot of M&Ms or Reeses.


Sunday 1st of May 2022

That's a great idea! I think anytime you can use a recycled jar it's a great switch for sure!

Missy Oakes

Saturday 13th of June 2020

Thank you for this awesome printable. I am using it for Father's Day in my Sunday School class.

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