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Fall Clean Up – Free Checklist to Prepare your House for Fall

The big fall clean up can feel overwhelming. Especially, if you’re new to homeownership. What exactly do you need to prep in your yard and house for the winter season? What do you need to clean up this fall in your yard before the cold weather hits?

We’re going to help you gain control of your fall to-do list and help you kick butt at preparing your house for the winter. At the end of this post, we’ve included a handy fall chore checklist. We’ve created your to-do list for you! 

Fall Chores – Outside AND Inside

Not all fall chores are related to the yard. There are plenty of things to keep you busy this fall inside as well. So don’t neglect the indoor items on our list as well. They’re important, too. 

What needs to be done for Fall Clean Up?

Here is a list of things that *can* be done to prepare for the winter. Everyone’s houses are different and everyone’s needs are different. If it doesn’t pertain to you, skip it, or cross it off so you feel like you got more done 🙂 



  1. One final mow
  2. One final edging
  3. One final weed eating
  4. Reseed grass where needed
  5. Aerate the lawn
  6. Fertilize your grass
  7. Plant shrubs or plants
  8. Rake & bag leaves
  9. Trim trees and shrubs
  10. Remove dead plants and flowers
  11. Add mulch where needed
  12. Pick up debris and dispose of it

Yard Equipment/Toys

  1. Store summer outdoor tools
  2. Put away outdoor toys
  3. Cover sandbox
  4. Clean and store patio furniture
  5. Drain and store hoses
  6. Clean + cover the pool
  7. Store any loose flower pots
  8. Clean up and store fire-pit

House Exterior

  1. Clean out gutters
  2. Replace weather stripping
  3. Wash windows outside
  4. Replace missing light bulbs

Snow Preparation

  1. Move the snowblower to an accessible location
  2. Move snow shovels to an easily accessible location
  3. Move sleds to an easily accessible location


  1. Clean the windows
  2. Clean window coverings
  3. Change the furnace filter
  4. Have the fireplace & chimney cleaned
  5. Service the HVAC
  6. Stock up on firewood
  7. Clean out laundry vent
  8. Clean upholstered furniture
  9. Replace bulbs where needed
  10. Deep clean your bathrooms
  11. Deep clean your kitchen
    1. Wipe down cabinets
    2. Organize pantry
    3. Clean under the hood vent
    4. Deep clean fridge
  12. Deep clean your closets
  13. Switch out summer attire
  14. Donate items from decluttering
  15. Toss clothes that are in worn out
  16. Pull out mittens, gloves, hats, & boots
  17. Clean the carpets
  18. Reverse your fan direction
  19. Swap out light bedding for warm bedding
  20. Turn off your outdoor water line
  21. Insulate any exposed pipes
  22. Clean out/restock baking staples

Misc. Clean Up Areas for Fall

  1. Decorate inside & out for fall
  2. Sweep out the garage
  3. Clean out your car.
  4. Clean out your purse
  5. Clean you your computer desktop


Free Fall Checklist

Included at the end of this post are two different fall checklist versions. One is a full-size page. The second is two half-sheets. Both of them can be printed for any size planner if you’d like to add this to your planner! Just use the directions here – how to resize for any size planner.


How to get it all Done?

Hire someone. Just kidding (well kind of, wouldn’t we all just love to hire out for jobs like this?)

My tips for getting all of the fall preparations done are:

Hire a baby sitter or Grandma to watch the kids

Hiring a baby sitter or having Grandma over for the littlest ones makes a big difference in the speed at which you can work. There’s no need to stop for naptimes and the hundred “mommy’s” you’re bound to hear while trying to rake the leaves. 

Have older kids? Have them pitch in! 

I once heard the idea that instead of calling chores, chores, you refer to them as a family service. The house is the responsibility of all of those that live under the roof. This means, everyone pitches in to help take care of it.

This is a great opportunity to get your kids involved and also get them outside. Kids can help rake leaves, collect sticks, put way outdoor toys, etc. Even kids as young as 2 or 3 can help pick up things in the yard! 

Take time off work

I know, taking off work for boring things like chores is not the way you want to spend your day off. BUT, sometimes it’s easier just to take off and get things done while the kids are in school. Plus, checking a few things off your to-do list will help relieve stress. 

Fall preparation weekend

Devote an entire weekend to preparing the house for fall. Yes, this will even mean missing Sunday football (gasp!) But, if you devote an entire weekend to preparing the house for winter, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your fall weekends more because you won’t have the stress hanging over your head.

Hire some neighbor kids to help out!

Feeling like it will be impossible to get it all done or physically aren’t up to the task? Hire some neighbor kids to help out. Teens are always looking to make a little extra money. It will be cheaper than hiring a company. 


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Tuesday 14th of September 2021

I've never heard of swapping the fan direction. What does that do? This list is so complete, I love it! I've already marked a couple tasks off and next is our professional carpet cleaning appointment. I can't wait, I love how fresh they make our home feel!


Friday 17th of September 2021

So fans should direct the air toward you during the warmer months to help cool you off. In the winter months, if you change the direction to pull the air up, it will help circulate the warm air better within the room. At least that is what I was told growing up!

Natalie Maxwell

Thursday 31st of October 2019

Thank you thank you for all your wonderful ideas!!! I absolutely love everything you offer!!!!

Natalie Maxwell

Wednesday 30th of October 2019

I can’t remember my password 😞