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Free Christmas Scattergories Printable Game Set

Use this Christmas Scattergories printable for a fun Christmas game your friends and family members are sure to enjoy. It’s a great game to play at a Christmas party, family game night, to play on Christmas Eve, entertainment during Christmas break, a fun school game, or to play anytime during the Christmas season. 

Christmas Scattergories is a festive take on a classic game that is full of competitive fun. You can play it with large groups, small groups, teams, and with people of various ages. Since you can play it with large groups, it’s a great way to get everyone involved and having some holiday fun during a holiday party. 

This image shows one of the free Christmas Scattergories printable pages.

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The game is all about coming up with a unique answer. This festive twist requires the same thing – the more unique the answer, the more likely you are to score some points. 

So knowledge of Christmas words and terms is super important if you want to win. Nothing says Happy Holidays like beating the whole family in a fun party game.

If you don’t know how to play Scattergories, don’t worry! I have included detailed instructions toward the end of this post.

What Do the Christmas Scattergories Printable Look Like?

All of the printables have a fun parody of the traditional Scattergories game but with a  Christmas theme. You’ll get the 3 Christmas Scattergories lists on one page. 

The score cards also come on one sheet. You’ll get all 3 rounds on one page.

Here is what the color version looks like.

This image shows two of the free Christmas Scattergories printable pages.

Here is what the black and white version looks like.

This image shows two of the free Christmas Scattergories printable pages.

How Do I Download the Free Printable Christmas Scattergories Game?

You can click on this download link to get the digital download right here! You don’t even need to sign up with an email address to get the free game, it’s an instant download. 

You can also scroll down to the end of the post and click the large Click to Download image. The digital files are stored on Google Drive and you can download them onto your device. 

What Comes Included in the Free Game Set?

You’ll get the following included in your download in two different versions – color and black and white.

  • Set of 3 Christmas Scattergories lists
  • Scorecard with 3 rounds
  • Printable spinner (to use in place of the game die) 
  • Customizable Christmas Scattergories game printables

Do You Need to do the First Letter Rule?

No, that is totally up to you. In the original game, you have to match the first letter to the specific letter that is rolled (or possibly in this case if you don’t have a die, the first letter that is spun). 

But, you don’t have to play by that rule or you can even use a different letter if needed. It may make it easier for younger children. 

Create your Own Custom Holiday Scattergories Lists

Included with the free printable game is a customizable version of the lists so you can make your own using the free fillable PDF! See the list example below.

This image shows one of the free Christmas Scattergories printable pages.

What Age is the Christmas Scattergories Printable for?

Older kids (about 10 and up) can join in the fun but younger kids may struggle a bit. A mixed-age group (as long as everyone is about 10 or older) can play together no problem. Younger players could definitely play if you played in teams if they are paired with older players.

Don’t have an Original Scattergories Die? Print the Spinner!

Make your own DIY Spinner with the letters on it. That way instead of rolling a die, you can just flick the spinner. Each letter of the alphabet I use is the same as what is on the original game die (not some random letter of my choice). 

To create the spinner, just print out the spinner printable on cardstock (for durability). Use a brad to punch through the center of the spinner. Attach a paperclip to the brad to act as the spinner portion.

This image shows the free Christmas Scattergories spinner included in the free game set.

What File Types Are Included in the Set?

  • PDF file for each page
  • JPG file
  • Editable PDF template to make your own cards

Need More Game Cards? Customize the Category Lists!

You will need to download the custom PDF files. Next, open the files in Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a free PDF reader software (and the best one in my opinion).

Next, you will type in the lists whatever categories you’d like. You can use anything that has to do with Christmas time.

As you type, the font size will change if needed to a smaller size. After you’re done, print the cards. 

It is important to open the file IN a PDF reader and not a browser. Not all web browsers support customizable PDFs. And you may have better luck on a computer over a mobile device.

What Size do the Pages Print On?

If you choose to print the printable PDF or JPGs at their actual size, the pages are US letter size. You could technically make them bigger or smaller as needed depending on what you make your print settings. Just make sure people have enough room to write.

Print at Home or at a Print Shop

If you have your own home printer, you can print the pages at home. If you don’t have a printer, you can send the files off to a local print shop to have them printed for a small additional cost since the game is already free!

This image shows one of the free Christmas Scattergories printable pages.

Do I Need Color Ink to Print the Cards?

No, you don’t. You just need to download the Black and White version of the files. You will get both a color version and a black and white version in the download.

How Do You Play the Game of Christmas Scattergories?

Goal of the game:

The goal of Christmas Scattergories is to score points by coming up with the most unique words that fit specific categories within a set time limit.



  1. Each player or team is given an answer sheet and a pencil or pen.
  2. Choose a player to be the designated letter roller or spinner for the first round. This player rolls the 20-sided letter die (or spins the spinner) to determine the letter for that round.
  3. Set the timer for 3 minutes.
  4. Players look at the categories on the category cards and try to come up with words that start with the assigned letter that fit each category. (Example: Halloween icons starting with S: skeleton, spider, scary ghost, slime, screams, etc.
  5. They write the letter on their game sheet under the current round number.
  6. Players must be creative and think of unique words, as duplicate answers are not awarded points.
  7. Once the timer runs out, players stop writing and take turns sharing their answers for each category.
  8. Players score one point for each unique and valid answer. If a player has an answer that no one else has, they get two points.
  9. Continue playing additional rounds, with a new player rolling the letter die for each round.

How Do you Win?

At the end of the 3 rounds, the player or team with the most points is declared the winner.

Note: Rules may vary, so feel free to change the game to suit your preferences. 

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This image shows one of the free Christmas Scattergories printable pages.

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