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Free Fall To Do Lists – 7 Designs Available in Multiple Sizes

Want to add some fun fall to do lists to your planner? I have 7 different to do lists that would be a cute addition to any planner this fall. 

The best part is that these to do lists match my free fall planner covers. You can coordinate your planner to do lists with your planner cover! 

Picture of various fall planner and fall binder covers. There are 7 covers in a line across the middle. They have pumpkin designs, witch designs, black and white design, and fall floral colors. There is the title, 7 Free Fall Planner covers at the top and Multiple sizes and variations of each design at the bottom in black text.

Not sure how to get your life organized and in order this fall? Don’t worry, I have you covered there, too! Check out my post on how to prepare for the winter – Fall Clean Up.

Now, let’s look at the free printable fall to do lists. 

Fall To Do Lists

These to do lists were created to use with a planner BUT that doesn’t mean they can only be used in a planner. They’re great to print and use at home or at work. They’d look particularly cute hanging on a fridge – better than a random scrap of paper. 

What Sizes are included in this set? 

  • Letter size full page (Big HP size)
  • Letter size half sheets (Big HP size)
  • Classic HP full page
  • Classic HP half sheets
  • Mini HP full page 

What Designs are included in this set?

There are 7 different designs to coordinate with the fall planner and binder covers.

  • Buffalo Plaid Love
  • Moody Fall Blues 
  • Pumpkin Harvest
  • Witches Brew
  • Kawaii Fall Friends
  • Fall Florals
  • Rainy Fall Morning

Here is an example of each print available. 


The title at the top if free printable fall to do lists. Underneath of that, is pictures of various to do lists with fall themed backgrounds (pumpkins, witches brew, coffee mugs, etc.) The word fall in the title is in orange script. The remainder of the text in the title is in black. The very bottom of the picture says 7 designs available in sizes letter, Big HP, Classic HP, mini HP, half sheets.


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  • Simply click the “Click me to Download” image below to get to the paged where the file is located. You’ll need the members-only password to download the file (subscribe here).
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