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2020 Year in Review Printable

Ready to complete your 2020 year in review printable? I’ve created an old favorite just in time for the end of 2020.

2020 has been an unforgettable year. It definitely deserves us taking some time to reflect upon all that has happened.

Why Spend Time Reflecting?

There are many reasons to write a reflection in your planner.

  • To create a memory/keepsake for future years
  • To spend focused time reviewing the ups and downs of the past year
  • Creating the reflection helps to create a plan and set goals
  • Reflection helps us move towards our goals more effectively
  • An opportunity to make changes this coming year based on our reflection

Reflect the Right Way

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to reflect. Reflecting while sitting in front of the TV or with your kids yelling Mom every 5 minutes is the WRONG way.

The right way to reflect is to set aside some quiet time. Find some time before bed, after the kids are asleep, the first thing in the morning, etc.. Make sure you aren’t rushed and it’s interruption-free.

The when doesn’t matter as much as the environment. To really benefit from self-reflection, it’s best to make it your only focus.

Reflect and Plan Ahead

Once you’re done reflecting, move on to planning ahead. Use these 2021 goal planning sheets to create a plan for the new year.

Start the new year off right by setting clear goals for yourself personally and professionally.

What’s Included in the 2020 year in review printable?

  • The printable comes in both letter-size and Classic Happy Planner size
  • 2 versions of the printable are included
    • Standard version
    • Covid-friendly version (without favorite restaurants and favorite places visited)
  • PDF Files are included

Here are what the two different versions look like.

The entire image is of a black and white printable 2020 year in review.
The entire image is of a black and white printable 2020 year in review.
This is a green arrow pointing down that says: Pin me now & read me later.
White background with white text that says 2020 Year in Review. Below that is a pink banner across the image with the text FREE PRINTABLE in black. in all capital letters. Below that is a black and white printable 2020 year in review.
This is a green arrow pointing down. It says Helpful Tips & Important Info.

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Have a differently sized planner or a traveler’s notebook? No worries! You can print the letter size calendar for any size planner. You can read the full directions on how to resize planner printables here (including videos). 

This image links to a post called How to Resize any Planner printable for any size planner. This has text that says: "Is your planner a different size? No problem! Click here for a guide & cheat sheet on how to resize planner printables! To the right is a small image of a chart called "Planner Printables Sizing Chart. Percentages to Print Letter Size Printables for Other Planner Sizes." If you click the link, you can get to the full size chart.
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Monday 21st of June 2021

I love your printables

Linda Landig

Monday 28th of December 2020

I took a look at the link for your favorite printer paper for inserts and have a question. I have tried a matte presentation paper and you can't reposition HP stickers on it. In fact, even sticky notes are difficult to remove! Can you carefully remove stickers from the paper you reccomend? tia


Sunday 31st of January 2021

Hello! I don't move my stickers so I can't answer that, unfortunately. Next time I have repositional sticker paper, I'll give it a try. I don't tend to keep it because I found I don't use it (extra cost makes it not worth buying for me).