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Boy Mom Must Haves

As a boy Mom, I have quickly learned that they are different creatures than girls. Yes, I know there is a lot of overlap and I know that not all boys are your stereotypical mud wrestling, bookcase climbing, toy car crashing little men. But for my time as a boy Mom, I have found that …

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Patriotic Books for Kids Mom Envy. Books about Memorial Day. Books about Fourth of July. Books about America. Childrens books. Best Childrens Books. Best Childrens Books about America.

10 Patriotic Books for Kids

My boys’ library rivals one of a kindergarten classroom. As a former special education teacher (teaching a range of ages 3-college), I accumulated numerous books over the years. While I love going to the library, I still constantly buy new books for our boys to read and enjoy. It has been extremely important to me …

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Where has the village gone? Mom Envy

Where Has the Village Gone?

I am sure most of you have heard the expression, it takes a village to raise a child. Sitting underfoot of my mom and her friends, I would often hear this saying. It was easy for me to understand because my Mom had a tribe. While her and my dad were our primary caregivers, they …

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Gift ideas for two year olds. Mom Envy. Gift ideas. 2 Years Old. Two Years Old. Birthday. Gift ideas for toddlers.

Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

Finding unique gifts for little ones can be difficult. When children are younger, they don’t make a mile-long wish list for their birthday or Santa. This means you have relied on Pinterest searches and reviews to find age-appropriate gifts. Since posting my One-Year-Old Gift Ideas, it has continued to be a popular post. Today I …

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