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The Ultimate Guide to Meal Planning. Get free family binder printables. Free printables for the Happy Planner. Free planner printables. Free printables. Family Binder download. Menu planning. From:

Are you tired of being disorganized? Do you have papers and notes all over the place? Or maybe you have everything typed into various locations on your phone but can never seem to find what you need, when you need it. As a parent, organizing your home can be overwhelming. Sometimes, you just need a little direction to get things in order (and keep them that way).

If you’ve ever been to my site before, you have probably noticed I am an organizational nerd. I love lists like a Gilmore Girl loves coffee. My poor husband; everything we do in this house gets put on a list. I come by it honestly. My Mom is the original list-maker. You should see how we plan out a holiday dinner or party.

So for all of you Moms (and Dads) out there that are desperate to get organized, I am here to help! I present to you the Mom Envy family binder.  Every Friday, I will share a set of free printables meant to help you get your life in order. Some of the future sections will include:

  • House inventory
  • Babysitting Notes
  • Health provider information
  • Birthday tracker
  • Housework schedule and plan
  • Daily routine
  • Spending log/bill log
  • Netflix/TV/Hulu, etc. tracker
  • And lots more!

The printables are available in: letter size (Happy Planner Big), A5, and Happy Planner Classic. If you use the mini-happy planner, the files may be too small to manage. If you’d like to try to see if they work, open the A5 printables and print at 79%. For my own family binder, I have decided to print my files in letter size. They can easily be placed into a binder. that can be shared by the family (I’m not crazy about anyone going into my planner but me). By the time I am done creating my binder, it will be too much to include within my Happy Planner. But if you’re interested in only printing some of the files or in creating your own Family Binder using the disc system, you can just pick and choose which files you’d like to print.

To gain access to these helpful printables each week, you will need to subscribe to Mom Envy’s weekly newsletter. I promise, you won’t receive spam or multiple e-mails a week. You will simply receive one e-mail each week that will catch you up on what you’ve missed over on the blog. Other than that, you’d only receive an e-mail for something important such as a Giveaway announcement. Click here to sign up and after you confirm your subscription, you will receive an e-mail with the password to access the printables.

To view all of the Family Binder posts, click here. This page will keep a running list of links to each available section.

What’s the Family Binder Freebie this Week?

So what will you get this week? One of the things most women (or men in some cases) despise doing each week is meal planning. I’m not going to sugar-coat it – meal planning makes me want to rip my eyeballs out of my head. Every other week, we have the same conversation in my house:

me: what do you want to eat this week?

husband: I don’t know. Whatever you want.

me: But I want to know what you want to eat. So what do you want to eat?

husband: Whatever is fine with me. It doesn’t matter.

Yes. It. Does. Because (just like you, my wonderful husband), I hate to make the decisions about dinner. It’s boring. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be watching some This is Us or House Hunters (I mean, I need to see what million-dollar house the hipster couple with no jobs to speak of pick this week).

In my house, I dislike meal planning so much that I plan my meals out for two weeks at a time. In addition, I only need to do a big grocery shop every other week (which makes me oh so happy). It actually saves me so much time to shop for two weeks at once. Then on the off week, we swing by the store for produce, more bread, and milk. Now that I have created these printables for the family binder, I will start to meal plan a month out at a time. I will still only shop every other week because I don’t have the storage space for a month’s worth of groceries. My friend Sarah, at Super Savvy Sarah does a big bulk shop every 3 months – now that’s dedication.

When meal planning, keep your meals we eat and meals to try printables by your side. This way, you can quickly pull a meal that you already know your family likes or one you’ve been wanting to try. It’s SO easy to keep track of the meals you eat/like. This will save so much time. Another option would be to store the recipes hole-punched or in a folder behind the Meals we Eat/Meals We Want to Try pages).

Are you ready make meal planning less painful? Then continue below!


The Ultimate Guide to Meal Planning. Get free family binder printables. Free printables for the Happy Planner. Free planner printables. Free printables. Family Binder download. Menu planning. From:


Family Binder Meal Planning Printables

The set includes:

  • monthly calendar (this makes meal planning SO much easier).
  • meals we eat
  • meals we want to try
  • weekly meal planning tool which comes in four styles
    • Meal plan for the week and lined shopping list space
    • Meal plan for the week and blank shopping list space (to use with sticky notes)
    • Meal plan for the week and a space for notes (this can be used to write notes about the recipe such as take chicken out the night before – or – to remind yourself if someone won’t be home or you have an activity that day).
    • Dinner, breakfast, and lunch meal plans for the week

Notes on Using the Meal Planning Printables

  • They come in Letter size, A5, and Classic Happy Planner. For the mini, print the A5’s at 79%.
  • They’re available in Monday-Sunday or Sunday-Saturday format. Personally, I prefer the Monday-Sunday format.
  • The meals to try/meals we eat, there are two styles. All equal boxes or with two longer boxes (which is what I use so that I can make a longer box for chicken).
  • If you print the letter size, I suggest getting a 1 or 1 1/2 inch binder.
  • The style for the printables will remain the same: simple and black and white (except for the covers). I don’t want you to use up all of your ink trying to print out these printables, Also, just because I love pink, doesn’t mean you all would have wanted pink organizers.
  • Print the weekly sheets every week OR laminate them and use a dry erase marker.
  • If you print out the sheets, I would suggest using pencil if your schedule is unpredictable. I use pencil so that I can easily move things around. If you’ve never used a ticonderoga pencil, you’re missing out.
  • You can pull the weekly plan out and put it on the fridge, in your pantry/mudroom/command center area to help remind you what meals you’re making or to remind you of notes such as taking out something frozen.
  • Colors may vary. Printers print differently depending on many factors. (The printer I use is a more expensive unit that uses pigment ink).
  • Print on cardstock for added durability. (this is my favorite from Amazon)

    File Usage Information

    Please Note, all Files on Mom Envy are for personal use only. Files may not be resold, modified, or used commercially. Sharing the file for free or for money on Facebook groups is prohibited (you can share a picture and link back to the post). Sharing the link, my site’s name, and one picture on a blog post is okay, as long as the entire text of the post and the actual files are not shared. If you are interested in selling the commercially, please contact me directly.


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