How to Throw a Train Birthday Party – Part 4 – Free Train Party Printables

If you have been following me this week, I promise I have not become a permanent train blogger. No, really, I know this week has been nothing but trains, a little bit of planner stuff, and more trains. But there was just WAY too much information to put it all into one post. Today is our culminating train party post. (Hooray!) This is probably the one our train party planning parents are looking for, the free train party printables. I will be sharing every paper product you could need (minus cups and plates). It’s over 25 FREE Party Printables!

If you use these printables for a party, I would LOVE to see pictures. And possibly even feature them here on my site. (If you are okay with that!) Please tag me on Instagram, e-mail them, or share them to our Facebook wall. So now, the part you have all be waiting for. FREE STUFF!

Now, I know you are all here just to get to the good stuff. The free stuff. But I promise if you check out these other parts, you’ll find SO many great ideas for how to throw a train party. Everything from games, activities, to decor!

Train Party Ideas – How to Throw a Train Party


Free Train Party Printables  – Over 25 Free Printables

Here are just a few examples of the products available!

The Free Train Party Printables Pack Includes:

  • Happy Birthday Banner
  • All Aboard Banner
  • Gifts Banner
  • Full Alphabet Banner (so you can print any name you’d like)
  • 1st-6th Banner pieces so that you can add their age to the banner
  • Customizable Train Invitation
  • Customizable Circular Labels (Perfect for Drink Tags)
  • Lollipop or Straw Cover (Silhouette file also included)
  • Customizable Food Tents
  • Customizable Thank You/Party Favor Tags
  • Customizable Simple Birthday Sign
  • 2 Inch Circles Ages 1-6 Available (Perfect for Cupcake Toppers)
  • Apple Juice Box Wraps
  • Water Bottle Wraps
  • Baggage Claim Sign
  • Restroom Sign
  • Dining Car Sign
  • Luggage/Coat Drop off Sign
  • Cupcake Wrappers
  • Thomas Gift Bags (Silhouette File also included)
  • Straw Railroad Crossing Sign
  • Various Train Signs (speed limit Ages 1-6, railroad crossing, bridge, etc)

Directions for the Banners

  1. Select the letters you’d like to print. (or select all for Happy Birthday or the others0
  2. Right click.
  3. Select Print.
  4. Print as 5 x 7 for the intended size.
  5. Make sure Fit to Frame is clicked off (as pictured)
  6. Click print
  7. **If you’d prefer a different size (smaller or larger), select one of the other sizes on the right.
  8. **To print multiple copies of a letter, either copy and paste the letter into the main folder OR just simply print it more than once.

Directions for the Customizable Files

  1. The Files are PDF files.
  2. Simply open the desired file.
  3. Enter the information you’d like (such as the address for invitation or name of drink circles).
  4. Save.
  5. Print.
  6. If you’d prefer to print a blank file, open the file and print.

Directions for the Lollipop and Straw Files

  1. Use a single hole punch 2 holes.
  2. See image below as to where to punch – approximately where the two pink circles are located (they aren’t on the actual file, so you have to punch about where you see here).
  3. Slide the lollipop stick or the straw through the holes.





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  1. Everytime I try to click this it takes me back to pinterest. I subscribed to the blog and I love what you have created. Can you please direct me on how I can access this?

  2. I just wanted to send a big thank you for making these files and making them free! A diy stay at home mom here who loves putting together over the top parties on a budget. These were an amazing touch to my sons 3rd birthday party. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much, Kayleigh, for stopping by to say thanks!! I am so glad that your sons party went well and that my printables helped! <3

  3. Hi Laura,
    Its my son’s 2nd birthday on june. Ive been trying to download the file but it keeps coming back to pinterest 🙁
    My son adores thomas and it will make his day lovely by having this theme for his birthday. Hope you could help me.
    Thanks so much fro sharing!

    • Hi Cristina I had the same problem but found if you click on the banner where it has all files. It will download a zip folder. So scroll down until you see “click herw to download” and it should begin to download automatically.

  4. Thank you so much for these printables. I was going to use these invitations for my son’s party but I able unable to change the font to make the address fit. I downloaded the zip file & clicked on THOMAS INVITE ADD INFO.
    Any ideas on how to change the font?

    • Send me an e-mail – if the address is too large it may not fit. It will be easier to figure out through e-mails instead of comments here 🙂

  5. HI! Thanks so much for these! They will be a hit for my boys 2nd birthday party! I am unable to open up the silhouette files. Any suggestions on how to get the lollipop files and gift bags a different way?

    • Hi Sherilyn! Can they not open because you don’t have a Silhouette or because they aren’t working for you? Want to make sure I understand. Thanks!

  6. This is SOOOO amazing!!! Thank you for sharing these printables and making my son’s 4th birthday so special. He LOVES Thomas the train!

  7. Hi! This is an awesome resource and so helpful. I love all your tips and printables. However, I am having trouble downloading- it keeps popping up “error” after it downloads about 15-25%. Any suggestions?
    Thanks again for sharing!!!

  8. Hi, I would love to do the Happy Birthday Banner, it re-directed to the pinterest page. Help please. 🙂 I really only want to do his name in the banner EVAN. If you could help that would be great. My email is [email protected]. Thank you

  9. Hello! Thank you so much for letting all of us download your creations! Two questions. First, how do I rotate the text on the “stub” part of the invitations? Second, where do you recommend printing? Thanks!

  10. Customizable birthday sign there was no 5 available thanks for everything else very simple you should also put a list of all the supplies you will need like what type of paper ect.. thanks for the free stuff loved it


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