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Year in Review Printable – Updated for 2023!

Grab this year in review printable to take a look at the ups and downs from this past year. 2023 was a big year of change for so many people – was it a big year of change for you?

Whether or not you had a year of change, it’s still important for growth to look back and reflect on all that you have accomplished, learned, experienced, lost, etc.

Reflecting on the past year is one of my favorite things to do in December. I think it’s important to think about all of the wonderful moments from the year and to also think about what could have been better.

By reflecting on your year, you can make a plan for the future. Starting a new year is the perfect time to set new goals for yourself. Completing this year-end reflection page will help you do just that.

This image is showing one of the year in review printables for 2023 that you can get for free in this blog post.

2023 Year in Review Printable

The 2023 year in review printable is pretty self-explanatory. But here is how I use each heading. I prefer not to share my own year in review because it is a personal page for me and I am always very honest with myself when I complete it.

  • favorite moments – I write down my favorite events/activities/days from the year
  • bumps in the road – I write down the moments that were difficult or sad
  • made it happen – I write down any major goals I accomplished
  • lessons learned – I write down things that I learned
  • places visited – I write down places I visited (it doesn’t have to be a vacation. It can just be things like friend’s houses or going to Target a lot).
  • how can I make 2024 better? – I write down one summary sentence on something I’d like to do to make next year even better.
  • favorites – I write down my favorites from the year. This is like a currently page only it covers the entire year.

After 2020, I created a second version which I included again this year. In place of places visited, I have put home projects. So if you were more of a homebody this year or you are an avid DIY’er, select the second option.

How to Use the Year in Review Printable?

You can use it in any way that you’d like. But, the most common ways people use it are

  • As a planner printable
  • In a digital planner
  • In the classroom as a student assignment
  • Printed out for personal reflection
  • In a journal or notebook
  • Complete it as a family
  • Have your children complete it as a keepsake each year
  • …and more!

What is Included?

Your year in review printable set includes

  • 2 year in review versions
  • Letter size (Big Happy Planner)
  • Classic Happy Planner size
  • PDF files
  • JPG files
  • PNG files (letter size only)

I have included image files for my digital planner users. The letter size PNG has a transparent background so it can be used on any digital page – no matter the color.

Goal Setting Worksheets

Looking for worksheets to plan your goals for the new year? I have them up on my blog for free, too! You can get the free goal setting worksheets here.

This image is showing one of the year in review printables for 2023 that you can get for free in this blog post.

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Tuesday 26th of December 2023

Will this be updated for 2023? Thank you!


Tuesday 13th of December 2022

I'm having an issue with printing the PDF file for classic size. I've tried two different printers, and it's telling me that there is an error with the file. I also tried to download the pdf and print it that way, but some of the fonts do not load and embed to print. Any ideas?


Thursday 15th of December 2022

hmm that's so strange! I tested it and had a friend test it and it print no problem. Did you try the JPG Files instead?? Try them!


Saturday 1st of January 2022

We have filled these out for several years in a row now and my family loves looking back at them. We keep them in our Christmas stockings so we see them each December.


Thursday 6th of January 2022

I LOVE that idea. Thanks so much for sharing!!