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2022 Craft Calendar – Free Printable Monthly Calendar

The 2022 craft calendar is perfect for my fellow crafters. Each month has a different design related to crafts – general crafts, sewing, vinyl work, woodwork, etc. It is colorful and full of clip art.

Have you ever seen the popular Miss Maker planner line for The Happy Planner? This monthly calendar coordinates perfectly with it.

So, if you’re a fellow crafter, this may be the right free 2022 monthly calendar for you!

Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like.

What size do the 2022 calendars come in?

  • Letter size (Big Happy Planner)
  • Classic Happy Planner (works well with medium size planners)
  • Or print to use with another size planner using these planner resizing directions.

What file format are the dividers available in?

  • PDF
  • JPEG

What day of the week do the calendars start on?

The calendars are available in both a Sunday and a Monday start.

How can these calendars be used?

You can use them in various ways. Add them to a planner, use them in. a digital planner (JPEG files), create. a family binder with them, print them two to a sheet in landscape format to use as a single printable calendar, etc.

Can I use these to make my own planner?

Yes! Learn how to create your own planner here on Mom Envy. It explains how to use the free planner printables here on Mom Envy to make your own planner design. This includes free printable…

  • Covers
  • Weekly planner pages
  • Daily planner pages
  • Divider pages
  • Habit trackers
  • Mood trackers
  • Budget planning pages
  • Cleaning planning pages
  • Menu planning pages
  • …and more!

Are other Designs Available for this year’s 2022 calendars?

Yes! There are 4 different 2-page 2022 calendars available to print this year. Pick the one that meets your style the best. They include:

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This is a green arrow pointing down. It says Helpful Tips & Important Info.

Have a differently sized planner or a traveler’s notebook? No worries! You can print the letter size calendar for any size planner. You can read the full directions on how to resize planner printables here (including videos). 

This image links to a post called How to Resize any Planner printable for any size planner. This has text that says: "Is your planner a different size? No problem! Click here for a guide & cheat sheet on how to resize planner printables! To the right is a small image of a chart called "Planner Printables Sizing Chart. Percentages to Print Letter Size Printables for Other Planner Sizes." If you click the link, you can get to the full size chart.
This green arrow is pointing down. IT says file usage information. Below it, is the important file usage information.

Copyright MOM ENVY 2021. Files may be used for personal use only. No commercial use of the file is available. Files may not be directly shared within Facebook groups, on websites, or in any other way. A link to the web page to download the files may be shared as well as one photo. The file may not be printed and then sold (including local yard sale sites and groups or at local craft fairs). The images may not be used in any way other than to share with a link to the original web page.

This is a green arrow pointing down with the text Download Below.