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Christmas Bingo Printable – 40 Unique Bingo Cards

Grab this Christmas Bingo printable for a little fun this holiday season. With adorable Christmas themed clip art, this Bingo will fit perfectly at a kid’s class party, family party, family gatherings, or just on a Sunday afternoon during the Christmas season.

Bingo is such a fun activity for large and small groups. I love how flexible it is – you can play it with up to 40 single people or up to 80 people when playing with partners since this free Christmas bingo game comes with 40 unique game cards.

While Christmas movies are so much fun, playing Christmas games is a great alternative for Christmas activities. You could use this fun Christmas bingo game to help you create an entire Christmas day full of fun either for either a party or just a fun family day.

You could create fun Christmas themed food, play Christmas movies, and listen to Christmas music while you play Christmas party games like this Christmas bingo by the Christmas tree. It will definitely help you get into the Christmas spirit.

This image shows an example of one of the Christmas bingo printable game boards you can get for free at the end of this blog post.

Bingo is for All Ages

People of all ages can play bingo. It’s hard to find a game that both young kids, teens, and even adults can play together. Bingo is one of those games that the whole family can have fun playing.

If you’re playing with small children, just be careful to make sure whatever you use as a bingo marker isn’t a choking hazard.

How to Play Christmas Bingo

Christmas bingo is similar to traditional bingo but with a few changes. The free printable Christmas bingo cards do not have BINGO at the top requiring you to only mark items in a specified column. Instead, you’re just trying to find the item that is called anywhere on your bingo board.

Your goal remains the same, to get five in a row in any direction. If you prefer, you can play variations on bingo – four corners, outer edge of frame, full house, letter patterns (like T), etc.

The first person to get five in a row should yell bingo! And if they are correct, they win that round. It’s up to you if you start a new round right after or allow up to so many winners before starting a new round.

What does the Christmas Bingo Printable Game Look Like?

Here is an example of how the bingo cards come on one full page. You could use a paper cutter to help you cut straight lines when separating the different bingo cards.

This image shows an example of two of the Christmas bingo printable game boards you can get for free at the end of this blog post.

How to Download the Free Christmas Bingo Cards?

You can grab your free download here or you can download them at the end of the blog post – just click the large Click to Download button. You’ll need to use your email address to sign up to become a free Mom Envy club member.

Does this Bingo Game have a Free Spot?

Yes, every unique card has a free space in the very middle.

What Comes with the Free Printable Christmas Bingo Game?

You’ll get 40 different cards that are printed two per page. In addition, you’ll receive calling cards in two different sizes – small and large.

Once you print the cards, all you will need is something to mark the bingo mat with – a dot marker, or one of the items listed below.

Playing Christmas Bingo at Home

Bingo would make a fun Christmas activity on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. Or, it’d be great for a family game night, winter party, or just a random December afternoon. You could even get small toys, candy canes, or candy for the winners.

It’d be a great way to spend your time while you wait for everyone’s stomachs to settle after Christmas dinner while you are waiting for dessert.

Or you could play a game of bingo while the food cooks – holiday meals can take so long to prepare and often times many guests are not part of making the food. So it’d be a better way to keep your guests busy and out of your kitchen (especially young children).

No matter when you play it, it’s one of those fun games that the entire family can play together

Playing Christmas Bingo at School

As a room parent, we are always looking for a great game to play at our holiday class parties. Bingo is a great option because it engages the entire class at the same time.

Classroom parties can be so overwhelming for not only the adults throwing the party but the children as well. Bingo is one of those fun holiday activities that allow kids to have fun without running around and screaming.

If you’re a teacher, Christmas bingo can be used anytime in the month of December. They’re great to have on hand in case you have some downtime or to have as a back up activity for a substitute teacher.

With 40 unique cards, the good news is that there should be enough for most classes. If your class happens to have over 40 children, you can just partner students up.

You can use the adorable Christmas bingo cards with large groups or smaller groups – however works best for you. Just make sure each child or pair of children has their own bingo cards.

This image shows an example of one of the Christmas bingo printable game boards you can get for free at the end of this blog post.

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What Should I use as Bingo Markers?

If you only want to play one time, you could use traditional bingo markers. But, if you plan to play multiple games, then definitely use something else instead so that the cards aren’t ruined after one game.

Dry erase markers could be used with laminated cards but I still find that they tend to make them not last as long.

The Dollar Store is a great place to get items that you could use to mark the bingo board.

You could use:

  • bingo chips
  • small candy like: m&ms, Christmas Hershey Kisses, wrapped peppermints, etc.
  • dried beans
  • game pieces
  • coins
  • small items such as paper clips, mini erasers, etc.

What Should I Print the Bingo Boards On?

If you play to play the game more than once or for a long period of time, for best results I would suggest to printing the printable cards on white cardstock. They would have the most durability.

In addition, you could laminate the free printable game so that you could use it year after year (this would be great idea for teachers so they’re already prepped and ready each year).

But, if you only plan to play it for one evening, you could definitely print it on regular printer paper.

This image shows an example of one of the Christmas bingo printable game boards you can get for free at the end of this blog post.

But Ink Costs So much!

I know that ink can cost a lot. That’s why I suggest printing them on card stock so they last longer or even laminating them.

If you’re struggling with the cost of ink, check out whether or not the HP ink program is worth it for you. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save!

What Type of Files are Included?

The files come in PDF format. They can easily be sent to local print shop.

Looking for More Free Printables?

I have over 200 free printables on Mom Envy – including more Christmas printables and other free printable bingo cards (HalloweenNew YearsValentine’s Day, Thanksgiving). You can see all of my free printables here. When you sign up to download bingo, you’ll get access to all of my free content.

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Tips for Downloading the Free Files

Below is an arrow that says Download Below. Underneath that is a large image that says Click to Download the free files.

Once you click that, you will enter the members-only password and click submit.

The page will reload the same image and now when you click the image that says Click to Download the free files, it will open the Google Drive folder containing the free files.

How do you get a members-only password?

You can sign up here to be a free Mom Envy club member.

The password will be sent to you within a few minutes. Make sure to check your spam and/or junk folder if you don’t see it.

Already a member but forgot the password? Don’t sign up again. Look at the end of any newsletter from me for the free password or just send me an e-mail here: [email protected]

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At the top it says Free Christmas Bingo Cards. At the bottom is says 40 unique cards. This image in the middle shows an example of one of the Christmas bingo printable game boards you can get for free at the end of this blog post.